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Beginner's Manual of Astrology

Beginner's Manual of Astrology
Item Code: NAW483
Author: Mamta Bansal
Publisher: Arun Publishing House, Chandigarh
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788180482366
Pages: 224
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.24 kg
About the Book

Astrology is meant, not only lor prediction and remedy, but provides us with the true insight of Jaws of universe and the life on the path of spirituality. Of course, all the astrology can not be taught or compiled in any book, astro-course or any practical session. But ufler reading this book, readers will get true basic understanding the subject, and will surely move towards bevoming an astrologer. Author prepared the present book with her experience, hard work and due care by taking into consideration almost all aspects of astrology. Learning is an ever- growing process and it is not possible to become a perfect astrologer in short span of time. Actually, astrology is a complex subject and can not at all be touched without a teacher. A fot of self-study, observation, reading and analysing of different cases etc. are needed to get knowledge and pertection. This book will certainly take readers smoothly on the righteous path of becoming a goud astrologer. [tis hoped that it will meet expectations of all readers who ure interested in learning astrology.


In due course of time, I was given feedback by so many people that they learned astrology for years but they are at the same previous point with a question how to predict? While so many years passed into astrological practices, somehow, I was not happy with the current procedure of learning astrology.

Today, life style is so chaotic that a person cannot think of devoting a great time into such interests. But this divine science is actually very important to know and practice in daily routine. Astrology is meant, not only for prediction and remedy, but provides us with the true insight of laws of universe and the life on the path of spirituality. Many people from different cities, admiring my prediction, used to ask me what the way would be for them to learn astrology from me. But when I used to tell that classroom coaching for at least 1 year is required to understand basics and lifelong learning is an ongoing procedure, seekers used to get disappointed.

Keeping in view the people opinions and wishes, I designed my basic course for teaching astrology in few sessions. I am not claiming here to make you complete master of astrology in few days. Il am still a student of astrology. It is fine if you ask what you were going to get from this course. Actually, astrology is a deep subject and cannot at all be touched without a Guru, a maddening habit of self reading and lots of cases keeping in mind the present days busy life Styles and time constraints.

"Shastras are like tenses.

Guru is the optician,

who fine tunes your vision."

I designed a course of about twelve sessions, for which students and teacher are required to interact in a live workshop. This doesn't make you a perfect astrologer but take you smoothly on the righteous path of becoming an astrologer. My commitment is for life tong to help you in understanding the subject. After this course, you are capable of understanding the subject. Of course, all the astrology can’t be taught or compiled in any book or any practical session for any longer time period. So discussion of cases along with self reading of other texts will surely make a person a good astrologer. The Present book beginner's Manual of Astrology’ is based on my experience, study and the study material provided in the astrology learning course.

Once my uncle shared a divine secret with me, although he never used to share his divine experiences with anybody, yet he told that Lord Shiva himself had taught him the anatomy, nerves and meridians of the body and how to treat with acupressure. I asked Lord Krishna, my best and the only friend always, whether knowledge could be gained like this. He laughed in his style and poured a mysterious look. "What do you want to learn?" Krishna asked. I took it lightly and told Him that I didn't have faith in such things. Take the example of astrology, how astrologers make use of man’s psyche. Had it been a true science, how a person can claim to tell past, present and future of any unknown person? He smiled and declared "Hmmm! It seems that I would have to come myself to teach you astrology."

Years passed. One day, I got a spark into astrology and drowned deep into the subject. Like Sage Dattatreya, I also got blessings of many masters and I have full devotion in their lotus feet. I developed interest in astrology when my daughter was very small. [ thank my family for the gross support and help due to which I could develop my interest. Thanks to Lord Krishna and to all my initial Jupiters of astrology - Sh. S. C. Diwan, Sh. Rajinder Kapil, Sh. Narender Vasudeva, Sh. K. L. Sharma and Sh. B. B. Hooja.

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