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Better Sight Without Glasses

Better Sight Without Glasses
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Item Code: IHL322
Author: Dr. R.S. Agarwal
Publisher: Popular Book Depot
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788190205405
Pages: 64 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch

I am sure the book ‘Bette Sight without Glasses’ will be of immense interest and benefit for all those who value Nature’s most precious gift and one of the greatest of all miracles – sight. Spending a few minutes everyday on the easy – to – follow exercises suggested in this book will work wonders in the improvement of their eyesight and maintenance of a healthy vision.

Today’s world is giving eyes a hard time resulting in poor vision. As a result, most of the affected persons resort to expensive medicines available in the market and rush to doctors who treat the patients with complicated advanced appliances which the modern science has made available. In our busy modern life we have forgotten that ‘Nature Cure’ for the eyes is more effective and safe for the maintenance of healthy vision. Yogic exercises, a specialized form of yogic culture, have been practiced in India from very ancient times.

These exercises are effective in obtaining relief from pain and suffering. The exercises suggested in this book are aimed a t attaining perfect health of the eyes. These exercises have immense therapeutic value and are highly beneficial in the maintenance of healthy vision. All one needs is include some of the simple – to – perform yogic exercises in one’s daily routine. Only the patients with severe complications of the eyesight should seek the help of a doctor.

The therapeutic regimen suggested by Dr. Agarwal is simple to follow and is within the reach of one and all. The book shows how by spending some time on the suggested exercises every day regularly and by observance of a few elementary rules for the maintenance of healthy vision we can give the much needed rest and relief to our over – strained eyes and improve our sight. Practice of the recommended exercises need not take more than few minutes every day; and many who have tried them testify to the immense benefits that they have derived from it. Written in simple and easy language, I recommend this book for reading and practice by all. With or without glasses, who are interested for better sight and vision.

There is originality in the books, including this one, written by Dr. Agarwal, for which, he deserves commendation. The simple – to – follow exercises in the book will benefit all.


Our eyes are Nature’s one of the most sensitive and wonderful gifts. Our eyes are more sensitive than the biggest, costliest TV camera ever made. It is the miracle of the sight that enables us see the wonders of Nature – beautiful flowers and fruits. Modern lifestyle and scientific advancement has taken our mental peace and joy away from us. Stress of daily life has brought many diseases including optical ones. Use of electronic gadgets and bad eating habits have given birth to various eye disorders and ailments.

‘Better Sight without Glasses’ was first published in 1960 by Institute, at New Delhi. The same book has now, after 50, years, been presented as a pictorial guide for better sight without glasses.

I gratefully acknowledge the love and affection bestowed on me by the readers, my son Rajiv Agarwal at New Delhi and Dr. Chandre Shekhar Sharma, the Principal of Parmarth Nature Cure and Yoga Centre, Rishikesh. It is their patronage which inspired me to bring out his pictorial guide.

I also pay my homage to my gurudev, Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and my dear father, Dr. R.S. Agarwal, a pioneer of alternative treatment (nature cure) for the treatment of eye diseases.


Lesson 1
Sun Treatment 9
Sun Prayer 10
Jal Neti 13
Eye Wash14
Lesson 2
Palming 16
Swinging 17
Pencil Exercise 20
Candle Exercise 23
Lesson 3
Central Fixation Exercises 25
Eye Massage 30
Neck Exercise 32
Steam Bath 35
Cold Pads 36
Lesson 4
Padamasana 38
Sidhasana 39
Vajrasana 40
Matasyasana 41
Sarangasana 42
Bhujungasana 43
Chakrasana 45
Pawanmuktasana 46
Halasana 47
Dhanurasana 48
Makrasana 49
Shavasana 50
Gospel of Vision 51
A Word of Advice 52
Do you want to be beautiful with Good Eyesight 53
Hints for Children 54
Vitamins & their Sources for Good Eyesight 55
Zodiac Signs for Vision57
Alternative Health Centers (India) 58
Alternative Health Centers (Abroad) 59
Some Useful Hints 60
Love spa for good life style (India) 61
Love spa for good life style (Abroad) 62
Bibliography 63
Quotable Quotes 64
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