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Body Reading (Your Body Reveals Your Personality)

Body Reading (Your Body Reveals Your Personality)
Item Code: NAD937
Author: Gopesh Kumar Ojha& Ashutosh Ojha
Publisher: New Age Book
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788178221007
Pages: 140
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
About the Book

This book will teach you how to discover your own hidden potentialities and strengths.

The art of Body Reading will enable you to know your personality as well as of others from the shape, form and build of the various parts of the body.

Through it you will discover the potentials of your personality as projected by your body and win happiness and success in love, career, business, social affairs etc. Also learn to read the true nature of the people around you—your friends and your enemies.

About the Author

Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha was a great scholar and pioneer in writing books on Vedic Astrology, physionomy, plamistry and various branches of Samudrik Shastra. Many of his books on Astrology are used as text books in India.

Pandit Ashutosh Ojha a considered authority of the subject in the world, is author of number of books on Astrology and its allied branches. Besides he has been practing and teaching Astrology.


We thank the all powerful Sachidanand Parmeshwar without whose desire even a blade of grass cannot come in existence, it Body Reading has come out in the present format.

There are a number of books on physionomy in English which are mostly based on the Western methods of Character Analysis on account of physical features and mannerisms. The present book is totally based on the principles as enunciated in the Puranas and Samudrik Shastra.

The importance of Physionomy can never be over-emphasised: “Virtues reside in those who have a pleasant appearance.” or “Good and bad physical features reflect the merits and :S in general.” “One whose face is like that of a full moon, whose body has the lustre of the Rising Sun, the eyes extend up to the ears and lips are red like kundru, this girl will enjoy happiness.”

“One who has a mole on nose or one who attains puberty with all signs of developed womanhood visible, is beautiful, with a face like the full moon has no hair or down on the body that girl even if she is spiritual and observes hundreds of fast, even than she had illicit connections.”

The physical traits with which one is born, are: (a) the sumtotal of the one’s past deeds (in other lives). (b) the inherited traits from forefathers. (c) the thoughts and habits of the parents at the time of conception. (d) the upbringing and surroundings, the culture and background and the Times. Can the past deeds and their resultant effects be modified? Yes! By the blessings of the parents and by doing good deeds. More things in Life are wrought by Prayers than anything else.” Physical resemblance and characteristics up to seven generations from the father’s side and five from the mother’s side, can be inherited. This is how the life pattern is, at times, similar in many generations.

The pattern of thinking before or at the time of conception affect the progeny. The well-known story in an old Sanskrit text that the maternal grandfather of Ravana, sent his daughter Kaikashi to the Sage Vishravasa to seek his blessings, for a son. The Sage when opened his eyes from the Samadhi (deep meditation) saw that Kaikashi was scratching the earth with the nails of her Toes. Observing this he bestowed her with a son who would have Ten Heads viz., Ravana.

During the second visit Kaikashi went to sleep while waiting for the Rishi to come out of his Transcendental Meditation and so Vishravasa accordingly blessed her with a son who will sleep for six months and that was Kumbhakarna. During her third visit she was attentive and patiently abided her time for the Sage and as a reward, she was blessed with Vibhishan whose Bhakti to Prabhu Rama brought the salvation for his people.

In the same manner in the Epic Mahabharata the birth of Pandu. Dhritrashtra and Vidur occurred according to the behavior of their mother in front of Maharishi Vyas.

Surroundings and the prevalent times do play an important part in the interpretation of physionomy. In Ancient India heavily built women were considered the better ones. In Russia even know the heavier the better looking. Or observe when Polygamy was legal as it is still in vogue in certain religions viz., Muslims, Mormons and in some Adivasis the interpretation of moral laxity will be broad. Or during the times when shortage of women existed, a woman used to have many husbands and the interpretation of Parankashayani’ will become very broad. In fact a woman become pure after her monthly cycles and child birth. All efforts have been made to interpret correctly and the subject matter has been presented for the learned readers for their enjoyment.

Proportionate placement and symmetry in body parts is a harmonious character. However, if marriage is too far away in a different race, caste and religion than physical deformity, disproportionate body structure can come in the next generations. However it improves the I.Q.

Similarly when marriage is with a close relative (blood relative) then mental retardation occurs and after some time fertility is reduced as well.

Food habits and mental thinking are related. By eating proper and Sattvik food we can not only increase our longevity but also have a pleasant appearance.

Stress can be controlled by meditation, music and prayers and these help in reversing the process of ageing.

Every product, animal or cattle which we bring in the house or associate with, will affect our fortunes. Certain furniture (household furniture, car, vehicles) are manufactured at a time which is not auspicious and whoever uses them will bear the brunt of them. That is why people do not buy accidented cars.

Some interesting traits and mannerism are mentioned below: 1. one who generally walks very fast as if sort of flying, does not have a long life-span. 2. Beware of a man who is short and heavy with a big tummy, small round eyes which disappear when he laughs and he laughs loudly in a manner that his full body shakes. This person Cannot be trusted as he is cunning and self-centered. Money and pulling down others is his goal. 3. A short and thickset man with a very broad chest (and in whose palm the line of life and line of mind have become one so they look like a straight line), has a clubbed and bulging thumb, such a man will be involved in murders. 4. One who has four phalanges in all the fingers of right hand will be kidnapped or imprisoned. If it is in both hands then his wife will be also imprisoned. 5. When the ear lobes appear to become lifeless and start to curl upwards then severe health problems should be foreseen in the next six months. 6. A woman who is very thin or fat or short: or one who has, a very high forehead: Or who is quarrelsome or sickly, does not prove to be a good life-partner. 7. No fertility exists in a woman who has very small nipples, a hoarse voice and her face looks like that of a man. “A woman who is well-behaved, religious, serves the parents and is very beautiful; she is tall and has soft hair; her body looks as if it has been carved by a sculptor; her body smells like the lotus flower; she has sweet speech; she attracts all who look at her; she is a goddess personified; she has big and beautiful eyes and her face like the Full Moon; she is devoted to her husband; she has small and beautiful nose, ears and lips and slim fingers; the shape of the neck is that of a conch shell; and the face radiates constant happiness; she loves truth and is god fearing; she has very little desire for physical union, thy and dignified; she is ever young-looking and always busy in work; her gait is like that of a female swan, gracefu1 and dignified.”

The above type of woman becomes a queen and mother of .powerful sons. She however does not live long and is rare to come across. We describe a different type of woman who at times is possessed: “One who is thickset, well built with loose body; has no shyness, does not believe in charity; has prominent and heavy breasts, cheeks and nose and ears and neck. The eyes are small and yellowish; thick lips, high forehead, gait like that of an elephant, very fair in complexion, hot tempered and cruel. She has loud speech and she suffers from hypochrondria; she baits and beats children, always clapping her hands while constantly quarreling and making life miserable for all those around her. She is married into a better family than that of her father’s but her husband always seeks an excuse to go away because of her nagging behaviour. This world is full of such women.”

The subject-matter of this book is for you so that you know yourself and others whom you come in contact with. Any benefit derived by the learned readers from Body Reading is in itself an ample reward to the publishers and authors.


Part 1: Introduction
1The science of Physiognomy3
Part 11: Males
3Feet to Waist29
4Basti to Back41
5Neck to Head49
Part 111: Females
7Feet to Waist77
8Basti to Back91
9Neck to Head101
10Moles and Marks113

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