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The Book of Guru

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The Book of Guru
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The Book of Guru

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Item Code: NAR889
Author: Yogamaya
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788171106103
Pages: 270
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.34 kg
About the Book

This book contains all the essential information on Guru for you to grow spiritually. Guru (God) is your true Self. Do not seek him outside. If you seek him within your heart, you'll surely find him. Realising the eternal presence of your Guru (God in you) and liberation (Moksha) is simultaneous.

About the Author

Yogamaya was born on 9 March 1987 in Chennai in the Arudra Nakshatra. Although born into a family of staunch Vaishnavites she sees no difference between the names and forms of God, and so, follows Shaivaite and other traditions as well. She is adept in Kundalini Yoga and is well versed in the Vedas and the Vedanta, and the various schools of thought in Hinduism, namely - duality (Dvaita), qualified non-duality (Vishishtadvaita) and non-duality (Advaita).

She also understands the scriptures of all other religions. She shares a special bond with Lord Hanuman due to his utmost devotion to his Guru, Shri Lord Rama.

She meditates and helps people deal with their destiny. Her father was a distinguished Yogi, who led a spiritual life, and always helped those in need. He taught Yogamaya several hymns and mantras in her childhood. Yogamaya completed her Ph.D. in healthcare management in Europe and returned to India after spending nearly a decade away during which she had a highly successful career. Her spiritual inclination has been apparent since childhood when she learnt devotional songs from her grandmother.

A quote from her diary, which she wrote when she was 10 years old reads: "If birds are meant to fly, then why must man be born and die?" Her spiritual endeavours include setting up of temples in Europe and in India along with devotees and teaching Yoga and meditation at those centres. Currently, she shares her wisdom in the form of articles and poems with prominent spiritual organisations, such as the Sringeri Mutt for their monthly magazine - `Tattvaloka - the splendour of truth'. Her work has also featured in the journal of the Pandrimalai Swamigal Ashram in Tamil Nadu. This is her second book. Her debut book was '50 poems for Self-realisation (Moksha) - from the treasure trove of India's spiritual wisdom', which was also published by Parimal Publications. The messages that the book contains are firmly rooted in the Supreme Self, which will enable the reader to travel to the core of their heart - the place of truth. Yogamaya believes that her books will inspire readers to seek truth in this very birth. Any funds collected by selling this book will be used in spiritual activities for uplifting humanity.


The most successful people in the world had a mentor. You can find this in any field - art, academics, sports, science, music etc. The word 'Guru' has become a cliched label to throw around. These days anyone calls his or her mentor, teacher, instructor, counsellor, trainer, and even a best friend who gives any sort of advice as their 'Guru'. However, this book is about Gurus or spiritual mentors who lend their gracious hand to the fallen souls (egoistic beings that are trapped in illusion) and raise them to witness the infinite truth. But before I talk about Guru, I am reminded of Shakespeare's words: "All the world's a stage, and all men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances." This quote also holds good in spirituality-God (our true Self/Supreme consciousness) is the creator, sustainer, and demolisher of everything that man can perceive as well as that which he cannot perceive in this universe. Beings perform on this stage while their body remains trapped in ignorance. This makes them enter and exit this physical plane (Samsara) again and again.

Life on the physical plane is a spiritual quest for truth. Supreme truth is absolute. What we perceive as real in this old is an illusion, as it is relative and it keeps changing from person to person. What is true for you may not be true for your friends or your parents and vice versa. Truth on art is always shaped by the observer. The racing thoughts m the mind leave space for the interpretation and misinterpretation of the truth according to our own desires. It forms only one or two pieces of the complete jigsaw puzzle. Only the absolute truth is unchangeable and unaffected by all external circumstances. The Self (Atman/God) is where all the individual pieces of the jigsaw puzzle merge to reveal the truth (the picture that is revealed by completing the puzzle). When a man realises the absurdity of our external transitory world and comes to a resolution within himself to search the corners of his heart, he asks himself: "If everything is an illusion, what is real? And how can I know the truth?" This is when the Guru (God) comes to his aid. Guru (God) is the tool for conducting an internal excavation into the caves of man's heart to reach his core - 'the Self'. Moksha is a term that denotes liberation in Sanskrit. It denotes a being that at first mistakes itself as its ego (Jivatma) but at one point when it begins to have a conversation with his Guru (Supreme Self or Paramatma), it attains the truth. This cosmic dialogue brings about the awakening of the Jivatma, which gets absorbed in the nectarous ocean of Guru (Paramatma). Once the Jivatma returns to its core, it bears no separate identity. It verily is the Guru. In strict Advaitic terms, even the existence of Jivatma or it trying to merge with Paramatma (Guru) is Maya (illusion) - a construct of one's own imperfect mind. Only truth (pure bliss consciousness -Brahman) exists - perfect and unimpeded.

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