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Appeal to Parents and Teachers! Protect Your Childern from the Harmful Effects of TV, Mobile and Net

Appeal to Parents and Teachers! Protect Your Childern from the Harmful Effects of TV, Mobile and Net
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Item Code: NAV701
Author: Paratpar Guru Jayant Athavale and H.H. Sandeep Alshi
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789387508927
Pages: 48
Other Details: 5.50 X 4.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.03 kg

The Text 'Benefits and harm of TV, Mobile & Internet' in the 'Balsanskar' Text series is as useful for the parents and teachers as it is for the children. Despite this, some people may ask why have a booklet on the same subject. Following are the reasons for this.

1 The Hindu culture says that parents and school teachers are the first Gurus of the children. Jijamata and Dadoji Kondadev inculcated virtuous sanskars (Subconscious impressions) in young Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It was due to these sanskars that Shivaji, at the young age of 15 awarded punishment to a Patil from Ranjha (for raping a woman) that his hands and legs be severed. The same Shivaji later established the `Hindavi Swarajya', which was similar to Rarnrajya. The purpose of this booklet is that the present-day parents and teachers realise deeply that it is their moral duty and responsibility unto the Nation to mould a morally sound, patriotic and Dharma-abiding future generation. 2. Children love to emulate. Merely preaching virtues is not enough; instead, parents too should lead a virtuous life. Their behaviour unwittingly, inculcates sanskars in children. From this perspective, this booklet also elaborates on the do's and don'ts on the behaviour of parents. 3. Today, TV, Mobile and Internet, etc. mediums mostly have Raja-Tama-predominant tendencies such as being anti-culture, perverse, vulgar This is causing great harm to Hindu Dharma and Hindu culture. Hindus are not provided education on Dharma; consequently, the future generations have fallen prey to materialism to the extent that they have forgotten their Dharma. Remember, Dharma is the foundation of a Nation. If Dharma is harmed, the Protect your children from the harmful effects.

Nation will be destroyed in no time. Hence, how the mediums of TV Mobile and internet can be used for imparting education on Dharma has been discussed in this Text. Conserving the spiritual heritage of India through these mediums is the duty of the parents and teachers.

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