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Joyful Living Through Vaastu Remedies

Joyful Living Through Vaastu Remedies
Item Code: IDJ879
Author: Dr. Jaiprakash Sharma, Tilak Raj
Publisher: Indica Publishers, Delhi
Language: English
ISBN: 9788177272765
Pages: 106 (Illustrated in B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"
weight of the book: 240 gms

About the Author

Embellished with Jyotish Maharshi and Vastu Rishi by AIFAS, Shri Tilak Raj Ji is a distinct name in the field of astrology. He is absorbed in the study of these sciences for the last 20 years. Particularly for the last four years he has devoted all his time only to Astrology Vastu.

He has contributed a lot in initiating teaching of Astrology under the aegis of AIFAS. As a Chapter Chairperson and Examination controller of the Federation, he takes active part in all the activities of the same. His work continue to be published in 'Future Samachar' from time to time. He critically analyses events whether in the country or abroad e.g. Earthquake - why particularly in Bhuj? He has done extensive research events like terrorist attacks on America and Indian Parliament, accident of Columbia spacecraft etc. He has worked on the Yogas that might make people astrologers after studying horoscopes of more than one hundred astrologers in the course of Jyotish Maharshi. He is a life member of International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Science and is the Chairperson of Delhi Chapter. He is also the life member of ISKCON. He is actively involved with popularizing the Bhagawad Gita Apart from Astrology, he also possesses knowledge in Vastu, Numerology and Lal Kitab. He has done a splendid job by making an apt appreciation of astrological remedies.

Dr. Jai Prakash Sharma, Lal Dhage Wale, belongs to a family where education of astrology is given to the child from the childhood. His ancestors were the Court Jyotishi of various Mughal and British Emperors. The seeds of astrology, which were planted by his grandfather in early childhood, grew fast on account of his keen interest. Even during the school days, he had started reading the Janma Kundlis of his friends and teachers. Everybody in his school neighbourhood and family praised his knowledge and believed that he had gota special power from Maa Bhagwati beside the regular blessings of his grandfather.

His interests are not limited to just astrology; he has been doing research to master Vaastu Shastra too. The extenstive research on Vaastu and Astrology has also helped Panditji to pen his views, opinions and predictions. So he authored several books for the benefit of the masses, books that are easily understood and followed by the layman.

He knows the direction by which a small change can make a big difference. According to him, Vaastu is not an unknown superstitious phenomenon, It's based on extensive scientific research into the placement and positioning of the objects in a given area with respect to the stars and the planetary positions. Objects like a pot, aquarium, your bed or even a chair plays a vital role when it cames to Vaastu, an analytical study that extends itself to cosmic science and astrology. That not only reflects on the growth but helps to enhance the performance as well.

His precision and perfect calculations, has left many spellbounds. This has helped him even more to come out of unfavourable conditions with flying colours. No wonder, the last of people consulting him includes not only the common people but top bureaucrats, politicians and well-known celebrities also.

His efforts and contribution to the field of Vaastu and astrology is beyond comparison. He is so devoted to these subjects that he has developed it for the benefit of the masses with a scientific approach.

Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma (Lal Dhage Wale) has received several prestigious awards and honours including 'The Pride of India' awards by the then Prime Minister, Shri Chandrashekhar and the 'Raj Jyotishi' Award by the then Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Sahib Singh Verma on 12th April, 1998. Due to his supremacy and control over his knowledge and subject, he has been sought regularly by the print as well as the electronic media to express views and opinions regarding Vaastu and Jyotish that could help the masses to understand the magical effects of Vaastu Shastra and its magical remedies.

With the co-operation and inspiration of Mr. Arun Bansal and Dr. K. P. Modgil, Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji (Lal Dhage Wale) celebrates the birth anniversary of his Godfather, Dr. K. K. Mishra, on every 17th August. All leading astrologers, Vaastu experts and luminaries of the society discussed the various aspects of occult sciences besides other social achievements. The Pursharth Award created by Pt. Jai Prakesh Sharma Ji, the founder President of Pursharth Society (a leading NGO) is delivered to the persons who have devoted their lives for the benefit of mankind.

On 5th Jan. 1997, Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji raised a slogan in association with Dr. K. K. Mishra - "Pt Jai Prakash Shara Aur Dr. K. K. Mishra Ne Thana Hai Ki Jyotish Ko Shiksha Me Lagoo Karwana Hai "in the presence of Dr. A. K. Walia (presently the Finance Minister of The government of Delhi) with a rally of 51 cars.

Nowadays, he is at it again, applying himself on his new book that will yet again reinforce his belief and extensive research in the field of Vaastu alongwith Aachrya Vinay Singhal.

Panditji has made his ancestors proud by taking the family profession to new scientific heights. He ash many dimensions to his personality. A hi-tech Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant by profession, he is also the author of several bestselling books besides a social reformer.

As per the tradition of his ancestors, Panditji has fed the knowledge of Astrology and Vaastu science in the blood of both his sons, Rajat and Abhay. According to them, their father has handed them the key to success. By exploring his honesty, good character and by getting his blessings, they will always remain in high spirits. Currently, Panditji is striving to introduce astrology and Vaastu Shastra as a science in various universities which affects human life from birth till death.

Pt. Jai Prakesh Sharma ji, who has devoted his life to doing research on relationship of astronomy with astrology has always acknowledged the achievement of Mr. Arun Bansal & Mrs. Abha Bansal for inventing the Palm Computer which helps him a lot in his research work besides reducing the time consumed during this process procedure.

According to Pandit ji it is a chance that links two persons as brother and sister, but it is luck that helps one to make friends. Living with a friends, admirer and well-wisher like Mr. Arun Bansal is certainly the result of good Karma of his past life.

He is chief Patron of All India Astrologers' Societies(R), founder President of Pursharth (a leading NGO) besides Patron & President of various social, charitable and astrological organizations. His will "to be recognized as a real human being rather than a world renowned astrologer" is being fulfilled in his own life time.


There is a branch of Atharva Veda called Sthapatya Veda. This particular branch is the base of our Vast Shastra. When the job of creating the world was allotted to Brahamaji by the grace of god. He produced four Vedas by his four mouths. He also created Vastu Vidya, Dhanurvidya, Ayurvidya and Samgeeta Vidya. There are 242 Shlokas in Vedas on Astrology. Of these 37 are in Rigveda, 44 in Yajurveda and 162 in Atharva Veda. These very Shlokas are base of Astrology. Sthapatya Veda is also a part of Atharva Veda. Knowledge of Vastu is incomplete without the knowledge of Astrology. There is a perpetual association between Vastu and Astrology. There is a great importance of Muhurt in Vastu and Muhurt cannot be cast without the knowledge of Astrology.

Vastu Shastra has got a scientific and spiritual base. You must have faith in Vastu if you have faith in Vedas and the God. The members of a family will live happily if the five elements are kept well into consideration while the building of the family is under construction just as the said Mahabhootas have been used in our physical constitution. The five elements are: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Our universe is also made of these five elements. Therefore it is said "Yatha Pind Tatha Brahmande". The God has rendered these five element among which B stands for Bhoomi (Earth), G for Gagan (Ether), A for Agni (Fire) and N for Neer (Water). The God is also represented by Aum (om). In Aum (om) also A stands for Agni (fire), U for Jal (Water), M for Vayu (air), crescent (half-moon) for Bhoom (earth) and dot over crescent for Akash (void). Likewise, the word Vastu has all these five elements in it in which V stands for Vayu (air), A for Agni (fire), S for Srishti i.e. Bhoomi (earth), T for Tat i.e. Akash (ether) and U for Jal (water).


The soul transfuses with mind, wisdom and egotism in the body after it is formed with the combination of the said five elements. All the five elements are represented by five planets in the following manner:

Earth is represented by Mars, water by Venus, fire by Sun, air by Saturn and ether is represented by Jupiter. Mind is governed by Moon, wisdom by Mercury and egotism by Rahu. Ketu is the Karak of Moksha, the salvation. Any irregularity in the balance of these elements makes the members of the family suffer.

Very often it is asked as to why the Vastu Shastra has got momentum only recently can the Vastu faults be overcome by remedies? In this regard I would like to say that the agonies of the man have been aggravating since he has started dwelling in multistoreyed flats as they are built like boxes where Brahmasthan is not kept open. The sun and air are not allowed in the house. Some people keep their windows close to protect themselves whereas some do it to save their household goods from dirt. Earlier a courtyard kept open in the middle of the houses so that sun, air and celestial elements might reach the rooms. There is nothing wrong if a man seeks advice from a Vastu consultant to ward off the faults existing in his house like an ailing person sees a doctor to have his advice. A Vastu consultant advises renovation of a building only when it is essential and there is no way out. He is like a good doctor who advises a patient to go for a surgery when the disease the later is suffering from can not be cured by medicines or by any other means. Vastu faults can also be removed without any renovation-by changing the place of the goods in the house and by selecting right direction for meal and slumber. They can be removed by performing worship of gods and deities. Feng Shui, Pyramid, Yantra-Mantra can also be chosen as helping hands in getting happiness and prosperity.

In this book, apart from a brief description of Vastu, different methods of remedies have been mentioned. We hope that the book will prove to be useful for the students, and for those who practicing Vastu and laymen.


I have tried to mention in this book some parts (excerpts) of the theories of Vastu Shastra rendered by Lord Vishwakarma, the psychic progeny of Lord Brahma. Lord Krishna thought of constructing a new city for the people dwelling in Mathura and asked Vishwakarma to construct such a city in which the people of Mathura and Braj could live happlily. Lord Vishwakarma constructed a city named Dwarka, buildings of which were made of gold and jewels. He built deep wells, ponds, lakes and gardens. Apart from these, he built separate dwells for all the four casts, army, chariots, elephants and horses as well. Deity Varuna sent black horses to Dwarkapuri, Kuber sent high quality chariots and gems whereas Indra sent Sabha named Sudharma.

By the example cited above, I want to say that the construction of a building will be accomplished smoothly without any obstruction or hurdle if Lord Vishwakarma showers His benedictions. Worship of Vastu Purusha is also performed before starting construction of a canal, fort, city, house, building, reservoir of water and garden. Vastu Purusha was born in the Muhurta of Kulik, constellation of Kritika, Vyatipata Yoga, Vishtikaran, mid Bhadra, on Saturday the third day (Tritiya) of Krishnapaksha of the month of Bhadrapada. Vastu Purusha is worshipped at the time of starting the construction of a building and house warming ceremony. The workman, who starts construction, is also worshipped as he is considered to be Lord Vishwakarma.


1 Introduction 11
2 Domestic Vastu 19
3 Commercial Vastu 27
4 Industrial Vastu 33
5 Vastu & Environment 37
6 Vastu & Astrology 57
7 Vastu & Muhurt 67
8 Vastu & Numerology 75
9 Vastu & Lal Kitab 84
10 Agonies caused by Vastu faults 89
11 Remedies of Vastu Faults 98
12 Remedies mentioned in Feng Shui 150

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