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Vision of Kanchi Mahaswami

Vision of Kanchi Mahaswami
Item Code: NAM807
Author: Dr. Prema Nandakumar
Publisher: Ilakiyapeedam, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 232 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 225 gms
About the Author

Dr.Prema Nandakumar obtained her Ph.D. In 1961 for her study for Sri Aurobindo's epic poem Savitri. Since then, she has been an independent researcher, publishing critical and biographical works. As a translator, her career spans half a century, with the UNESCO publishing her book on Subramania Bharati. Dr.Nandakumar's English translations include Manimekalai and Eladi. She is also a creative writer in English and Tamil. Her latest publication is Adi Sankara: Finite to the Infinite (2013) by Chinmaya International Foundation, Velianad, Kerala. She is a recipient of several awards, including the Sri Aurobindo Puraskar (West Bengal), Pandita Ratna (Warangal), U.Ve.Swaminatha Aiyar Award (Coimbatore) and Thamizh Thendral Thiru.Vi.Ka. Award (Government of Tamil Nadu).


1 You Will Gain Good Speech11
2Horse Race2
3The Lord is The Doctor3
4Apply Datura Leaves5
5Pride Of Love5
6Rejection Of Advice Leads To Trouble6
7The Poor Woman Who Returned The Money7
8To The Doves8
9Jupiter In Birth-Place!8
10The Guru in Person!9
11Pranava Japa10
12Mahaswami In Europe10
13The Police Department Has No Power11
14Caste, Gotra, Unified Hearts12
15Those Who Escaped And Others Who Did Not14
16Jackfruit For Stomach Ache!15
17On Mahaswami's Legal Acumen16
18A Poor Farmer Offers Biksha17
19I Am Also An Acrobat!17
20Why Has Your Face Become Wan?18
21Pey Aththi Ca Variety of Fig)19
22Dharma is Subtle19
23Truth Wins21
24I Will Have Darshan22
25Is The Advice For The Boy?22
26Orange On The Stomach23
27Doctor Narayana24
28Treatment For Madness25
29Krishna is Your Son25
30Turning Point in Murder Case25
31The Head of A Madhva Math26
32No To Six Crores27
33Come Raise The Flag28
34The Astrologer Who Understood29
35Mahaswami! Will You Have Icecream?30
36Let It Be An Auspicious Waste of Money!30
37Golden Ornament For The Rowdy?31
38Why Did He Speak to The Miser?32
39Buy Me Coffee!33
40Indira Gandhi34
41No Peace!35
42Mother is Superior To God35
43Is Your Property Safe37
44The Cinema That Lost A Wife38
45Walk Carefully!38
46I Want Bread!39
47Bring The Boy!40
48College Admission41
49The Boy Says Something42
50Priests From Greece43
51Give Advertisement43
52The Joy of Shiva-Devotees45
53Kanchi Swami Ekkada?46
54Water' That Gave Tirtha46
55Advice To Soldiers47
56Kathavarayan Brings Rains48
57Sugarcane Juice48
58Prayers Will Be Answered49
59The Child Was Saved51
60Narakasura: A Good Person52
61Homam: To Perform Or Not To Perform53
62A True Ekadesi Fasting55
63In The River Of Kanchi.57
64The Sari Given To The Jutkawala58
65Zamindar Sammandhi60
66The Milk Which Was of No Use to The Mahaswami61
67Was This The Irritation?62
68At Hampi Camp63
69Please Help Me63
70Seethamma An Exception64
71Image Of Dhanvantari65
72Before Yama's Coming66
73Boundless Compassion67
74I Am Also Bound By Law!68
75Where Is The Knife?69
76The Boy From Sengalipuram70
77Homa... For The World's Prosperity71
79Our 'Family Deity'73
80When The Elder Brother is Around74
81This Too Is Guru's Brindavanam74
82Tamil Has More76
83The Old Man's Excitement77
84It is Extra Here78
85Ekadesi Upma79
86How Is The Minister Mami?81
87What To Do With The Baniyans?81
88Only A Week82
89Sparrow Fellows!83
90Manathakkali Medicine83
91Good Days Will Definitely Come84
92Want to Go to America?85
93Judgement Has Come87
94Do Not Stop!88
95The Punya of the Curd-Seller90
96Tell Chenna Reddy!91
97Treatment From An Atheist91
98Eat Once A Week!93
99Mahaswami Tells A Tale94
100Flowers Strung On A Thread95
101True Words96
102Which Is Superior? Which Is Inferior?97
103Is There Palar?98
104How Did He Know About The Boy's Photo?98
105God? Or Devil?100
106Yellow Thread Around The Neck101
107Are You Prepared For All This?102
108Sleight of Hand103
109Blessings of Householders104
110How Long Should One Fast?106
111Half-Baked Knowledge108
112How To Manage With The Shaven Head?109
113The Divine Speaks109
114In Search Of God111
115Wearing The Namam114
116Ancient Silver Coin116
117The Gecko's Fall Has No Effect Here117
118Bring Me A Bark Garment!118
119Chariot Festival120
120Lawyer's Money Helps The Thief121
121Happiness: Here And in The Beyond123
122Childhood -- Time For Milk!123
123The First Lesson126
124No Place For Concession!127
125The Crow And The Sparrow Belong To Our Caste128
126Those Who Want To Go To Naimisharanya129
127Hawk Cuckoo130
128The Horoscope is Wrong131
129The Non-Yielding Tamarind Tree132
130I. Respect The Artistes134
134The Actress Buys A Sari138
135You Arrange For Food139
136Why Stay Here?140
137Timiri' Play142
138Sahasra Dhara143
139Head is Here; Pain is Gone144
140A Happy Name146
141I Want To Take A Photo147
143He Became Mother As Well149
144Math Or Circus Tent?152
145Worshipping The Family Deity153
146Go To Mazha Nadu!154
149Is Elder Brother Enough?160
150Medicine For Worry161
153Smaranath Arunachalam165
154The Dried-Up Tree Put Out Shoots!.167
155Trouble From Saturn168
156Compassion Towards Poisonous Creatures169
157No Need For Promotion170
158Simple House Warming171
159Your Duty Is To Serve Your Wife!172
160Which Is My Own?174
161Three 'Dai's175
162I Am Also Working For People177
163Guard The Past178
164Golden Hearted Gentleman179
165Wedding Has To Take Place181
166Camping In A Village182
167Sankara! Sankara!183
168Langada Came!184
169Full Moon And New Moon184
170Golden Flowers185
171Can You Sell Your Mother?188
172What Does The Law Say?.192
173A Cat And Four Kittens192
174The Unusual Service194
175An Unstained Dress195
176Many Are The Great196
178Bulrush Mat And Hard Mat201
180The Govinda Force! Hail Holy Varaha!.204
181Veterinary Expert206
182What Is The Boy's Gothra?208
183Non-Vegetarian Cows209
184The Wedding Of Padmavati211
185A Whiplash On The Back215
186Gratitude to Sheep, Cattle And Birds217
187A Meaningful Hinduism218
188An Ornament For Shiva221
189Not Judge, But Justice221
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