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Brahmanda Purana (Sanskrit Only)

Brahmanda Purana (Sanskrit Only)
Item Code: NAB291
Author: J.L. Shastri
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: sanskrit
Cover: Paperback
text with introduction and verse index

About the Book

A class of literature called Puranas contains ancient Indian tradition which though of Encyclopaedic nature treats mainly of five subjects, viz. (1) Creation (2) Dissolution and Re-creation, (3) Genealogies of gods, patriarchs and kings, (4) Epochs of Manus and (5) History of ancient royal dynasties. This five-fold trait of the Purana is nowhere better exemplified than in the present text.

The present Purana is called Brahmanda wherein Brahma is the chief interlocutor Divided into four sections it throws light on the manifold facets of life from creation to dissolution of the universe.

Section 1 opens with the threefold creation : Primary, Secondary and Primary-Secondary.

Section 2 deals with the Kalpa and Manvantara ages and their duration. It treats of geographical division of seven continents, their countries, towns and villages, oceans and rivers, lakes and mountains, inhabitants and other natural factors such as climate and vegetation which gives personality to the region and make it identifiable.

Section 3 is an important contribution to the history of Ancient India. It states the genealogies of sages Bhrgu, Angiras, Daksa, Dharma and the rest as well as genealogies of solar, lunar and other dynasties of Ksatriyas, among which the account of Sahara, Yayati, Jyamagha and Karttavirya figure conspicuously. It deals with the legends of Pitrs and their propitiation by means of Sraddha. It describes in detail the conflict between Karttavirya, King of Haihayas and Bhargava Parasurama. It records subsidiary episodes too, as that of Sagara, the lineage of Vaivasvata Manu, etc.

Section 4 describes Pratisarga, the dissolution of the universe, the ultimate annihilation.

The Purana concludes with the episodes of Lalita, her slaying of Asuras: Bhanda, Kurantha, Visukra, Visanga and others, description of mysterious seven chambers and their presiding deities, the tantric way of worshipping Maha-padma, Kamaksi and mediation thereon.

Sanskrit Text with Introduction, Contents both in English and Sanskrit and Index of Verses.

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