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The BRHAD-DEVATA (2 Volumes)

The BRHAD-DEVATA (2 Volumes)
Item Code: IDD464
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8120811410 (Set)
Pages: 582
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10" X 6.7"

About the Book:

        Brhad-Devata is an index of the 'many gods', a much more extensive work than any of the other Anukramanis, as it contains about 1200 slokas interspread with occasional tristubhs. It is divided into eight adhyayas corresponding to the astakas of the Rg-Veda. Following the order of the Rg-veda, its main object is to state the deity for each verse. But as it contains a large number of illustrative myths and legends, it is of great value as an early collection of stories. A peculiar of this work is that it refers to a number of supplementary hymns (khilas) which do not form part of the canonical text of the Rg-veda.

    Part I is critically edited in the original Sanskrit with an introduction and seven appendices and Part II contains English translation and notes.



    1. Introduction
    2. Introduction; Deities of RV.
    3. Deities of RV. i
    4. Deities of RV. i-iv
    5. Deities of RV iv-vii
    6. Deities of RV. vii-x
    7. Deities of RV. x.
    8. Deities of RV. x; Conclusion
    1. Index of Vedic Pratikas cited in the Brhaddevata
    2. Index of Authorities cited in the Brhaddevata
    3. Index of Deities of RV. according to the Brhaddevata
    4. List of Stories related in the Brhaddevata
    5. List of Passages from the Brhaddevata cited in other works
    6. Relation of the Brhaddevata to other Texts
    7. Index of Sanskrit Words and Names




  1. Importance of Knowing the deities. The Vedic Triad
  2. Prayer and praise
  3. Different kinds of hymns
  4. Hymn deities, stanza deities, incidental deities
  5. Origin of names
  6. Saunaka's view: all names derived from action
  7. Auspicious names. Different kinds of formulas
  8. Different kinds of formulas and modes of expression
  9. Definition of noun and verb
10-12. Examples of different kinds of formulas
  1. The Sun and Prajapati as the source of all
  2. The three forms of Agni
  3. The Triad and the Atman. Three forms of Vac
  4. The chief deity of a hymn
  5. Names of deities enumerated
  6. Characteristics of hymns to Agni, Indra-Vayu, and Surya
  7. The three Agnis
  8. Agni, Jatavedas, Vaisvanara: essentially identical, but distinguished
  9. The deities of the three worlds in the descending series

22, 23. The deities representing terrestrial Agni

  1. Other deities associated with Agni
  2. The groups of deities of the middle sphere belonging to Indra
  3. Deities and defied objects belonging to Indra's sphere
Introduction (continued).
  1. Deities of Indra's sphere
  2. Deities of Surya's sphere: his three wives
  3. Deities of Surya's sphere (concluded)
  4. Surya and Vaisvanara, a form of Agni
  5. Five names of Agni. Derivation of Agin, Dravinodas, Tanunapat
  6. Narasamsa, Pavamana, Jatavedas.
  7. The twenty-six names of Indra: Vayu, Varuna, Rudra, Indra
  8. Parjanya, Brhaspati, Brahmanaspati, Ksetrasya pati, Rta
  9. Vastospati, Vacaspati, Aditi, Ka, Yama
  10. Mitra, Visvakarman, Sarasvat, Vena, Manyu
  11. Asuniti, Apam napat, Dadhikra, Dhatr, Tarksya
  12. Pururavas, Mrtyu, The seven names of the Sun: Savitr Bhaga
  13. Pusan, Visnu, Kesin, Visvanara, Vrsakapi
  14. Derivation of Visnu. The incidental names of the deities cannot be enumerated
  15. Threefold Vac: her terrestrial and middle forms
  16. Other middle forms of Vac. Her four celestial forms
  17. Names of female seers: three groups
  18. Deity in self-laudations and colloquies
Grammatical Section
    Different kinds of particles
  1. Particles (concluded). Prepositions. Genders
  2. Nouns. Pronouns. Importance of meaning. Rules for construing
  3. Analysis of words. Six kinds of compounds
  4. Meaning and analysis of words
  5. Yaska's wrong explanations. Dropping of letters
  6. Word and sense. The verb expresses a form of becoming. Definition of bhavavrttam. Six forms of becoming (bhava).
  7. The deities of the Vyahrtis and of Om
The Deities of the Rg-Veda.
  1. The first three hymns. Authors of Vaisvadeva hymns
  2. Character of Vaisvadeva hymns
  3. Passages of the Rg-veda addressed to Sarasvati. Indra hymns
  4. Indra associated with the Maruts in RV.
  5. The deities of RV. and the Apri hymn
  6. The eleven Apri hymns
  7. Tanunapat and Narasamsa. The deities of the Apri hymns. Idhma a form of Agni

Deities of Rg-veda i.13-126

  1. Tanunapati. Narasamsa. Ila. Barhis
  2. The Divine Doors. Night and Morning
  3. The Two Divine Sacrificers. The Three Goddesses. Tvastr
  4. The Celestial Tvstr. Story of Dadhyanc and the Mead
  5. The horse's head of Dadhyanc. The middle Tvastr
  6. Vanaspati. The Svahakrtis
  7. Tanunapat and Narasamsa in Apri hymns. Deities of RV. i.14 and 15
  8. Hymn to the seasons: RV. i. 15
  9. Three kinds of Vaisvadeva hymns
  10. How to ascertain the deity of a hymn

11, 12. Hymn-owing and incidental deities. Seers of Vaisvadeva hymns

  1. Explanation of Dravinodas. Deities of RV. i.16-18
  2. Deities of RV. Eight names of Prajapati
  3. Prajapati's names (continued). Deities of RV.i. 19
  4. How to ascertain the deity of a stanza, &c
  5. Story of the Rbhus and Tvastr
  6. Deities of RV. i. 20-22
  7. RV. i.22 (concluded).RV. i.23  Pusan Aghrni
  8. Deities of RV. i. 24-30
  9. Deities of RV. i. 31-40
  10. Deities of RV. i. 41-47
  11. RV. i. 48-60. Story of Savya. The Satarcins
  12. RV. i. 61-73 The eleven Sauparna Khilas
  13. RV. i. 90-93 The order (according to the Baskalas) of hymn-groups in Mandala
  14. RV. i. 94-111Seers of hymns with refrains. The thousand Jatavedas hymns of Kasyapa
  15. RV. i. 105 Story of Trita
  16. Deities of RV. i. 112-121

29, 30. Story of Kaksivat and Svanaya

  1. Danastutis. Narasamsi stanzas. Opinions regarding RV. i.126.6, 7.

Deities of RV. i. 127- iv. 32.

  1. Story of Romasa and Indra. RV. i. 127-136. Praise in the dual.
  2. Distribution praise. RV. i. 137-139. Vaisvadeva hymns
  3. Story of the birth of Dirghatamas
  4. Hymns revealed to Dirghatamas: RV. i. 140-156
  5. Story of Dirghatamas (continued)
  6. Deities of RV. i. 157-163
  7. Deities of RV. i. 164. The three Agnis. The year
  8. Account of the contents of RV. i. 164 (continued)
  9. RV. i. 164 (concluded). RV. i. 165: Indra and the Maruts
  10. Indra, the Maruts, and Agastya: RV. i. 169, 170
  11. RV. i. 171-178. Agastya and Lopamudra: RV. i. 179
  12. Story of Agastya and Lopamudra (concluded): RV. i. 180-191
Mandala ii.
13-15. Deities of RV. ii. 1-12. Story of Grtsamada, Indra, and the Daityas
  1. Deities of RV. ii. 23-30.
  2. Deities of RV. ii. 31-35
  3. Deities of RV. ii. 36-43. Indra as a Kapinjala
Mandala iii
  1. The seer Visvamitra. Deities of RV. iii. 1-6
  2. Deities of RV. iii. 7-29
  3. Deities of RV. iii. 30-33. Visvamitra, Sudas, and the Rivers
  4. RV. iii. 31: an adoptive daughter. Visvamitra and Sakti
  5. Visvamitra and Vac Sasarpari. Spells against the Vasisthas
  6. Deities of RV. iii. 45-60
  7. Deities of RV. iii. 61, 62
Mandala iv.
  1. Deities of RV. iv. 1-15

27, 28. RV. iv. 18-30. Indra's birth and fight with Vamadeva

27.    The Steeds of the various gods.


Deities of RV. iv. 33- vii.49

1,2. Deities of RV. iv. 33-58

Mandala v.
  1. Deities of RV. v. 1-28. Story of Tryaruna and Vrsa Jana
  2. Story of Tryaruna (concluded)
  3. References to RV. v. 2.2,9 in other works. Deities of RV. v. 29-40
  4. Atri's Danastuti
  5. Rnamcaya's gifts to Babhru. Deities of RV. v. 41-51
  6. Detailed account of RV. v. 41-43
  7. Deities of RV. v. 43 (continued) 44, 45.
  8. Deities of RV. v. 51-60

11-15. Story of Syavasva

  1. Deities of RV. v. 73-78. Story of Saptavadhri
  2. Deities of RV. v. 79-87. The S'risuktam and six other khilas
  3. The khilas of Prajavat and Jivaputra. Employment of formulas
  4. Story of the birth of Bhrgu, Angiras and Atri.
Mandala vi.
  1. Origin of Bharadvaja. Deities of RV. vi. 1-46
  2. Deities of RV. vi. 37, 44, 45, 47
  3. Deities of RV. vi. 47 (continued ) and vi. 48
  4. Deities of RV. vi. 49-62
  5. Deities of RV. vi. 63-74. The seven treasures
  6. RV. vi. 75. Story of Abhyavartin and Prastoka Sarnjaya
  7. Deities of RV. vi. 75 in detail
  8. Detailed account of RV. vi. 75(continued)
  9. Story of Cayamana and Prastoka (concluded)
Mandala vii.
  1. Pedigree of Vasistha. Kasyapa's wives
  2. Story of Mitra-Varuna and Urvasi
  3. Birth of Agastya and Vasistha
  4. Vasistha and his descendants. Deities of RV. vii. 1-32
  5. Deities of RV. vii. 33-38
  6. Deities of RV. vii. 38-43
  7. Deities of RV. vii. 44-49

Deities of RV. vii. 50-x.17.

  1. Deities of RV. vii. 50-66
  2. Deities of RV. vii. 66-85
  3. Vasistha and the dog of Varuna: vii. 86-89
  4. Deities of RV. vii. 90-96
  5. Story of Nahusa and Sarasvati: RV. vii. 95, 96
  6. Deities of RV. vii. 97-104
  7. Detailed account of RV. vii. 104
  8. Story of Kanva and Pragatha
  9. Deities of RV. viii. 1-21
  10. Deities of RV viii. 5-18
  11. RV. viii. 19: praise of Trasadasyu's gifts
  12. The boons chosen by the seer. Story of Sobhari and Citra
  13. Story of Sobhari and Citra (continued): RV. viii. 22-25
  14. Deities of RV. viii. 26-31. RV. viii. 29 is a prthak-karma-stuti
  15. Detailed account of RV. viii. 29, 31. Deities of RV. viii. 35-46
  16. Indra and Vyamsa's sister. Deities of RV. viii. 35-46
  17. Deities of RV. viii. 47-56
  18. Deities of RV. viii. 60-67
  19. Deities of RV. viii. 68-75
  20. Deities of RV. viii. 76-90
  21. Story of Apala
  22. Story of Apala (concluded). Deities of RV. viii. 92, 93

23, 24. Story of Soma's flight from the gods.

  1. Details regarding RV. viii. 100. Visnu helps Indra
  2. Details regarding the deities of RV. viii. 101
Mandala ix.
  1. Deities of RV. ix. 1-86
  2. Deities of RV. ix. 87, 96, 112
  3. Indra and the seers. Value of penance
Mandala x.
  1. Deities of RV. x. 1-8. Trisiras and Indra
  2. Deities of RV. x. 9-14
  3. Deities of RV. x. 14 (concluded), 15, 16. Three Agnis
  4. Story of Saranyu: RV. x. 17

Deities of RV. x. 17-98.

  1. Story of Saranyu (continued)
  2. Story of Saranyu (concluded). Deities of RV. x. 17
  3. Detailed account of the funeral hymn RV. x. 18
  4. Formulas in which no deity is mentioned
  5. Deities of RV. x. 19-27
  6. RV. x. 27 (continued). RV. x. 28: Dialogue of Indra and Vasukra
  7. Deities of RV. x. 30-33.
  8. The hymn of Dice: RV. x. 34. Deities of RV. x. 35-44
  9. Deities of RV. x. 45, 46. Story of Ghosa
  10. Story of Ghosa (concluded)

11, 12. Story of Indra Vaikuntha.

  1. Story of Indra Vaikuntha (concluded). Story of Agni and his brothers: RV. x. 51-53.
  2. Story of Agni's flight (continued)
  3. The meaning of panca janah
  4. Story of Agni's flight (continued)
  5. Story of Agni's flight (concluded). RV. x. 54-57

18,19. Story of Subandhu

  1. Detailed account of RV. x. 59, 60
  2. Story of Subandhu (concluded). Deities of RV. x. 61-66
  3. Details of RV. x. 63-66. Deities of RV. x. 67-72
  4. Detailed account of RV. x. 71
  5. Details of RV. x. 72-84. Two khilas
  6. The Surya hymn: RV. x. 85. Three forms of Usas
  7. Account of Surya hymn (continued)
  8. Derivation of candramas. Contents of RV. x. 85. 20-30
  9. Contents of RV. x. 85. 31-43
  10. Remarks on the Surya hymn (concluded)
  11. Deities of RV. x. 89-93. Story of Pururavas and Urvasi
  12. Story of Pururavas and Urvasi (concluded)
  13. Deities of RV. x. 96, 97. Story of Devapi: RV. x.98.

Deities of RV. x. 98-191 (1-98). Conclusion (99-140)

  1. Story of Devapi (continued)
  2. Story of Devapi (concluded). Deities of RV. x. 99-101
  3. Deities of RV. x. 102, 103. The khila of Nakula
  4. Deities of RV. x. 104, 105. Bhutamsa Kasyapa: RV. x. 106
  5. RV. x. 107. Story of Sarama and the Panis: RV. x. 108

6,7. Story of Sarama and the Panis

  1. Deities of RV. x. 109-120
  2. Deities of RV. x. 121-129. Three khilas (names te; yam kalpayanti no 'rayah; ayusyam)
  3. Deities of RV. x. 130-137
  4. The khila 'Bhumih' The deities of RV. x. 138-142
  5. Deities of RV. x. 143-154. Two khilas (Medhasuktam and a sur etu)
  6. Deities of RV. x. 155-159
  7. Deities of RV. x. 160-164. Khila (venas tat pasyat). The seer Kapota Nairrta
  8. Deities of RV. x. 165-174. Khila (yenedam)
  9. Deities of RV. x. 175-181
  10. Deities of RV. x. 182-184. Khila (nejamesa)
  11. Remarks on the khila 'Nejamesa' Deities of RV. x. 185-188
  12. Deities of RV. x. 189. 190. The khila 'Samjnanam'
  13. RV. x. 191. The two khilas 'pradhvaranam', 'Nairghastyam.' Mahanamni stanzas
  14. The Mahanamnis do not constitute a hymn. Remarks on the Praisas, Kuntapa, &c.
  15. Deities of Nivids, Nigadas, and Metres
  16. Deities of Metres, Vedas, Vasatkara, Svahakrtis. The tones (Svaras)
  17. Deities of the tones
  18. Deities of the Prastava, Udgitha, Upadrava, Pratihara, Nidhana
  19. Various deities incidental in Vaisvadeva hymns
  20. Remarks about deities and knowledge of them
  21. Importance of knowing the deities


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