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Buddhist Scriptures

Buddhist Scriptures

Buddhist Scriptures

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Item Code: IDJ067
Author: E.J. Thomas
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: A Selection Translated from the Pali with Introduction
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8177690825
Pages: 123
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.2" X 4.6"
weight of the book: 98 gms
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Preface to the New Edition

The Buddhist Seriptures is a collection of some of the most basic and essential Buddhist teachings as proclaimed by the Buddha himself. The book is nicely interspersed with stories related to the development and growth of this world conquering system. The author has chosen his topics well and has presented them quite sincerely one must agree that the Buddhist scriptures are classics of philosophy which have met no match in their thousands of years of existence.

Once the basics of this complex subject are understood then it is time to go on into the worlds of Mahayana, Hinayana and Zen. For in all truth the Buddha himself tried to put forth the simplest of doctrines for the common man to follow and practice in his everyday life. The author has done this amply in this collection of the gems from the Buddhist Scriptures.

Christopher N Burchett

About the Book:

Buddhist Scriptures is a collection of some the most basic and crucial tenets of the Buddhist teachings as proclaimed by the Buddha.

Who was the Buddha?

How relevant are his teachings today?

Do these scriptures really represent what the Buddha taught?

E.J. Thomas in this book successfully presents us with a collection of the Buddha's most profound teachings and in them will be found the answers to these and many other questions. The book will also enable the reader to comprehend the concepts of one of the most complex and esoteric doctrines.




Introduction   9
The Buddhist Scriptures   16
Christian Parallels   19
Chapter I. The Dream of Queen Maya 23
Chapter II The Birth of Gotama 26
Chapter III The Four Signs 29
Chapter IV The Great Renunciation 32
Chapter V The Chain of Causation 37
Chapter VI The Beginning of Buddha's Preaching 40
  The Discourse of setting in motion the Wheel of the Doctrine (The Middle Path. The Four Truths. The Noble Eightfold Path) 43
Chapter VII The Ordination of Yasa 45
  The Formula of the Three Refuges 45
Chapter VIII The Ten Commandments 52
Chapter IX The Fire Discourse 54
Chapter X The Weaver's Daughter 57
  Dhammapada 174 and Commentary 62
Chapter XI The Questions of Malunkyaputra 64
Chapter XII The Questions of Uttiya 68
Chapter XIII The Questions of Vacchacotta 71
Chapter XIV Birth-story of the Blessings of the commandments 75
Chapter XV Birth-story of King Mahasilava 80
Chapter XVI Birth-story of the City with Four Gates 90
Chapter XVII The Pig-Faced Ghost 97
Chapter XVIII The Jewel Discourse 99
Chapter XIX Dhaniya the Herdsman 104
  Dhammapada 153, 154 104
  Note on parallels to the New Testament 107
Chapter XX Buddha's Visit to Chunda 109
Chapter XXI The Death of Buddha 112
Chapter XXII The Non-Existence of Individuality 118
  Formula of the thirty-two parts of the body 120
Chapter XXIII Non-Individuality and Moral Responsibility 123

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