Chakravyuh (Planetary Influences)
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Chakravyuh (Planetary Influences)

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Item Code: NAP583
Author: Satish K. Navathe
Publisher: Saptarishis Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2018
Pages: 242
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
Weight 670 gm
About This Book

What planetary conditions make an individual go from rage to riches and vice – versa? How could corporate benefit from the Knowledge of planetary positions and makes decision regarding IPOs?

What planetary influences cause relationships to prosper and other to break individuals?

Can the knowledge of planetary influence be used to forecast company takeovers?

These are some of questions that are asked most frequently to an astrologer. In this books, I have complied my experiences and shared several observations and analysis that. I have undertaken as astrology. I have been inspired by several gurus, teachers and yogis in different ways and share my personal experiences of being with them. Like me, you will find this awe- inspiring and almost divine!

The book is an account of my interpretation of horoscopes of:
People who have experienced meteoric rise,
People who have experienced meteoric fall,
Industrialists, TV personalities, artistes and glamour model,
Influences of linked destinies and effects..... And much more
Most of the horoscopes used in the books are client’s for whom predictions were made well in advance of the actual events personal information has been withheld for obvious reasons. Horoscopes are analysed through parasari system, jaimini system and K.P systems of astrology.

About The Author

Duty- bound to look after my ailing father at home; I quit a promising career as a printing master and decided to focus on my internet in astrology. With very limited recourse and inspiring teachers, I self – taught astrology and very soon found myself surrounded by a clientele.

Today, I provide services as consultant astrologer and have clients in the UK. Singapore, new Zealand, Kenya , Zambia , Sweden , Dubai , Malaysia Tanzania , Abu Dhabi ,USA, Brazil and Mauritius. I specialize in advising corporate and undertake selective and limited assignments on yearly retainership.


My journey of being a self- taught astrologer has provided me with a plethora of experiences; many resulted in failures and some in successes. In have met people I never dreamt to come across, let alone hear them share their most intimate personal information and challenges.

Writing this book came about following persistent persuasions by my dear friends, but more importantly, by me need to share my knowledge and experiences with people who are interested in getting to know more about astrology and what it has to offer.

It has been passable for me to succeed in this field as I have, only because of the guidance from my teachers, the support from my family and friends and the blessings from my gurus.

As with any other field, mastering astrology comes about through studying it and gaining experiences; however, finding resources wherein first-attempt to write this book , I have tried to address a niche that I could create - being able to put to use the knowledge of astrology to could create being able to put to use the knowledge of astrology to make predictions for a range of audiences using a very different analytical approach.

In this book, I have shared my own interpretations of horoscopes, provided an honest insight into my method of analysis alongside some horoscopes that would make an extremely interesting reading for learners and experienced astrologers.

I sincerely hope that the readers are able to take away a positive and holistic understanding of the discipline, and are able to apply their knowledge in various fields. I do however urge my reader to recognize that this information is only a small drop in a vast sea of knowledge that must be gained, and amassing it all is beyond the scope of humanity- and the essence of divinity.


1 Industrialists 1
2 IPO'S 19
3 Company take over/ mergers 34
4 Stock market crash and transiting planets 48
5 Meteorice Rise 73
6 Meteorice Fall 85
7 Fame / Recognition 102
8 Artistes and Film personlities 120
9 Page 3 Peaple 135
10 Sexual Orientations 150
11 Sex Change 164
12 Multiple Relationshipes 167


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