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Classical Dances and Costumes of India

Classical Dances and Costumes of India
Item Code: IMD04
Author: Kay Ambrose with an intro. By Ram Gopal
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1980
ISBN: 8170691176
Pages: 100
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" x 11.0"
(col.illus.:1 & b&w.illus.:435)

From the Jacket

The Classical Dances and Costumes of India by Kay Ambrose steers clear of the twin evils of writing for the learned and the dilettante writing for others of his class. It treats the four classical schools of Indian dance-Bharata Natyam, Kathakali, Kathak and Manipuri-with understanding and objectivity. The reader is provided with a sketch of Indian mythology and music before he is exposed to the dances proper, which are presented in such a manner that none will experience any difficulty in learning the divine and mundane aspects of these schools of dance. The chapter on the costumes of India gives not only idea of the correct costumes of the particular schools of dance but also of the endless variety and rich colour of Indian costumes. In addition to classical dances, the reader is given a taste of Indian folk dances and dances of Ceylon. 

The technical sketches more than supplement the text. The reader will not only be able to understand the various dance styles but recognize them while witnessing public performances.

About the Author 

A few, if they try hard, may be able even to demonstrate authentic dance styles. 

Clarity and economy of expression coupled with accuracy of illustration are the hallmarks of this book which no dance-lover should miss.  



Introduction by Ram Gopal 

Foreword by Arnold L. Haskell 

Author's Preface
Explanation for the reader.
Ram Gopal.
A summary of the various dance-styles.
Practical information.
Indian dancing to-day: the creative dance: dance critics.
Books on Indian subjects: a short-cut to understanding.
The technical sketches.

Chapter I. Gods and Mythology in Indian Dancing 
Siva, Lord of the Dance.
Krishna, the Blue God.
Indian Ideals of Physical Beauty. 

Chapter II. Indian Music
Sketches of Indian musical instruments. 


Chapter III. Bharata Natya, The Ancient Temple Dance of the Tanjore courtesans, South India
A general survey: past till present.
The degradation and disappearance of Bharata Natya.
The renaissance.
The arrangement of the contemporary programme of Bharata Natya. 
Bharata Natya-practical.
Technical sketches dealing with: costume: deportment: elementary steps: advanced combinations: the Alarippu in its entirely: extracts from a Padam: from a Tbillana: and some warnings.

Chapter IV. Kathakali, The Dance-Drama of Malabar, South India
Notes on the history and background of Kathakali.
The present-day dance-drama.
Practical and technical notes. 

Technical sketches dealing with: traditional make-up and costume: basic posture: the sari-dance: kalasams: a fantasy on the Nine Moods or Rasas: mudras and the ancient Hindu gesture-language: a gesture-story of Lord Siva's family life: the dance of Garuda, the Golden Eagle. 

Chapter V. Kathak, The Whiling Dance from North India
Introduction: history and background.
Practical observations: description of Kathak class.
Technical sketches of: costume: basic posture: the stylised Kathak "walk": salami - or greeting-torab: a tukra: a corab featuring sangit or dramatic content.

Chapter VI. Dances of Manipur and Assam, from the North-East
Notes and sketches concerning: a Naga Chief: a Manipuri drum-dance: a detailed account of the classical costumes: a Radha-Krishna ballet.

Chapter VII. A Patchwork of Indian Folk-Dances

Chapter VIII. Dances of Ceylon
The big Pera-bera: The Khomba Kankaria: Kandyan dances: a panteru-dancer.

Chapter IX. Costumes of India
General notes on Indian dress: and technical sketches of: the traditional Court-Dress of Rajputana: how to wear a classical South Indian sari, and dhoti: a Coorgi sari: the classical choli or Indian blouse: how to wear a Sinhalese sari, and lungi. 



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