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लौकिकन्यायसंग्रह: Collection of Laukika Nyayas (Sanskrit)


Among the huge collection of Manuscripts of the ORI & Mss. Library there are two bundles of Laukikanyayaratnakara are found. They are 1274A and 1274 B- Purvartha and Uttarartha of Laukikanydyaratnakara respectively. The author of this work is one Udasinaraghunatha Varma. There is another Laukikanyayasamgraha by the same author which is an abridged version of the Laukikanyayaratnakara. The Reg. No. of this manuscript is 5390, having 2700 granthas and is in Devanagari script.

The content of this work is very interesting and informative. Advaita Philosophy is the subject matter of these works. The beginning portion contain 48 verses and the rest of the work is in Prose. Each and every aspect is explained clearly with different laukikanyayas. The vyakarana sutras are also quoted in this work.

The Pancikarana, trivrtkarana etc find place in this work. The work begins with the praise of the mountains and the earth. Then he worships different duties, Sambhu, Hari, Gauri, Brahma, Ganapati and Bharati. He says that he begins to write the samgraha for the sudden revealing (sighrabodhaya pundit) to the scholars.

I am thankful to the Head of the Department Dr. K. G. Sreelekha for taking initiative to publish this book. I am also thankful to the S.B. Press for the neat execution of this work.

**Contents and Sample Pages**

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