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Common Flowers Of India

Common Flowers Of India
Item Code: IDH398
Author: Dr. S. Pandey and N. P. Singh
Publisher: Publications Division, Government of India
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8123013086
Pages: 75 (Color Illus: 173)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.7" X 7.3

Our forests are very rich in plant wealth, many of which grow around human settlements. Among these a few are ornamental flowers with a diversity of form, size and colour. However, most people are unaware of their names, importance and growing practices.

The present book is written on a need-based request from the Director of Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi assigning this responsibility to the scientists of Botanical Survey of India.

The work highlights 150 common plants, both indigenous to India and exotics, which are popular and grown for their flowers,. These are dealt with under 51 titles giving their Indian and common names, scientific names, family, etymology, native home, habitat and a brief description of their interesting features, flowering and fruiting period, mode of propagation, their cultural aspects and brief economic uses besides ornamental importance. Photographs are given for their easy identification. List of scientific, common and Indian names and a glossary of technical terms used are appended at the end.

We hope the present book "Common Flowers of India" will serve the need of plant lovers, particularly children and teenagers who require a better understanding and knowledge of their surroundings. This will also be useful as a manual for their cultivation of flowers. Our present endeavour will be compensated if readers are benefited by this attempt.

The authors wish to record their thanks to Sarvasree Subash Chandra Ghosh, Sr. Photographer; Amar Mondal, Photographer; Giridhari Lal Saha, Sr. Artist; Arup Kumar Banerjee, Botanist (Horticulture); Aloke Bhattacharjee, Curator; Saibal Basu, Botanical Assistant; Liyaquat Ali Laskar, Sr. Head Mali; Anjan Ghosh, Garden Attendant and other colleagues of Botanial Survey of India for their various help.

On of us (DSP) is grateful to Dr. L. K. Banerjee and Shri. H. J. Chowdhery, Joint directors of Botanical Survey of India for rendering facilities.

Sri Dulal Chandra Chakravorty, Stenographer of BSI deserves our thanks for meticulously typing the manuscript.

We are grateful to the authorities of Agri-Horticultural Society, Alipore and Victoria Memorial Garden and a few local nurseries and amateurs of Kolkata/Howrah for their kind permission to photograph some plants.

Finally the authors record their gratefulness to the Director, Joint Director and all other officers and staff members of Publications Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi for publication of this book.

Bottle Brush9
Champak or Golden Champa9
Copper Pod or Rusty Shield Bearer10
Flame of the Forest11
Gold Mohur or Peacock Flower12
Golden Amaltas or Indian Laburnum13
Indian Coral Tree15
Nag Keshar or Iron-Wood Tree16
Plumerias or Frangipani16
Red Silk Cotton Tree17
Sacred Barna18
Umbrella Tree19
Yellow Flowered Silk Cotton Tree20
China Aster21
Common Snapdragon or Antirrhinum24
Garden Balsam25
Garden Poppy26
Sun Flower29
Golden Trumpet or Allamanda Flower31
Aparajita or Butterfly Pea32
Clock Vine33
Morning Glory34
Cape Jasmine36
Chandani or Crape-Jasmine37
Common Crape Myrtle38
Common Oleander39
Datura or Thorn Apple41
Garden Hibiscus42
Hara Champa43
Madagascar Periwinkle48
Parijat or Night Jasmine49
Radha Chura50
White Bauhinia55
Indian Lotus56
Water Lily57

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