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Compassion of the Aghor Master

Compassion of the Aghor Master
Item Code: NAY088
Author: Akinchan Ram
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789350761809
Pages: 272
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch

In the book `Aghoreshwar Samvedansheel' I have illuminated my thoughts for the saints, high-minded people, devotees, and worshippers. Many religious, social, political institutions and various belief-systems are afflicted like a plague by jealousy, acrimony, and hatred. That is why I want to bring my devotees, the devotees of the Aghoreshwar, closer to the thoughts of the `Arya-truth' (original truth or the true thoughts of the Aryas). I have full hope that this will remain as a most meritorious ideal, as a time-infinite memorial, for the Aghoreshwars, disciples of saints and the devotees. The life of a short-lived person who fashions his life according to these ideals becomes a long life, great and praiseworthy. The dull long life of those who are unreasonable, materialistic, and futilitarians, those who give birth to distortions, is very short-lived and it should be eschewed. Ideal behavior is pleasing to many human beings. If in every epoch, every time-period, there exist even a few such people who keep themselves imbued even partially with the virtues of humanism then there is no doubt that in the course of time, peace, happiness and prosperity will arise on this earth. I am hoping from this book that bitterness, sorrow, disease, suffering, infatuations etc. will dissipate. The coming scientific epoch is going to be an epoch of materialism and destructive ideas which can ruin a lot.

It will lack creative virtues. In the context of the coming conditions this book will show the path to the devoted disciples of the Aghoreshwar and make them honored. I laid the foundation of this book to nurture this idea. Only those people can be considered amongst the devotees of the Aghoreshwars, amongst noble people, who imbibe the thoughts in this book, accept it, and follow it. If someone acts contrary to this yet boasts to follow the conduct of the Aghoreshwar, or tries to show that he follows them, then it will be absolutely meaningless and foolish and it will demonstrate only the proverb 'feeling rich on the wealth of others'. The three books Aghoreshwar-Smriti Vacanamrit', `Aghor Guru Guh', and Aghhoreshwar Samvedansheel' are an expansion of the book `Safal Yoni'. The male and female devotees of Aughar-Aghoreshwars and the community of their disciples have existed in the past. They are there today also. The necessary behavioral ideal for the achievement of the goal of `Safal Yoni' has been well-delineated in these four books for the male and female devotees of the Aghoreshwars who exist today and those who are yet to come. They had a similar mode of life in the past too.

In the present time as well as in the future these Aughar-Aghoreshwars, embodying within themselves the meaningfulness of this praiseworthy ideal, being idols of equableness, happiness, peace, prosperity, high thoughts, unpretentious simplicity, and social dignity, will be known as the protectors of the nation's culture, and will serve the society with honesty and nurturing virtues. In achieving our goals of an 'equable society' the glorious deeds of the Yoginis of the Dakshina-Anga (the left or southern path) will highlight venerableness. After closely examining all kinds of conditions in the context of the fundamental problems of the present age, and reflecting upon the possible needs of the coming time and period, I thought it better to expand upon the `Safal Yon? in three parts for the benefit of the populace, and for my disciples and male and female devotees.

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