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Conquering Back Pain

Conquering Back Pain
Item Code: IDF018
Author: Donald Norfolk
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 812220144X
Pages: 176 (Figures: 33)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.5"
212 gms
From the Jacket :

You can end it. The agony of everyday back pain.

This sensible, straightforward book aims to do that. It offers a comprehensive range of possibilities for self-help and prevention of back trouble.


  • How fit is your back: Your Personal Risk Assessment
  • The possible causes of back pain
  • Sitting, driving, sleeping, working - are you doing it right
  • Exercise plans and balanced diet
  • Pain relieving drugs
  • Heat treatments and cold compresses
  • Home remedies and alternative therapies
...and much more

About the Author :

Donald Norfolk has been a practicing Osteopath for over 30 years specializing in back pain therapy. He is the founder of British Osteopathic Journal and was its editor for nine years. He was also the youngest ever president of the Osteopathic Association of Britain and continues to serve on its council. He practices in London.


1.Overcoming Back Pain: The Agony and Its Causes
Muscle Tension / 10
Ligament Strain / 10
Disc Injury / 11
Lumbar Spondylosis / 11
Facet Injuries / 11
2.How Fit is Your Back: A Personal risk Assessment14
3.For a Fit Back: A Slim Body
Appearance / 22
Weight At Maturity / 22
Skin-Fold Measurement / 22
4.Strenghening the Abdominal Muscles
Rowing / 27
Trunk Twists / 28
5.Strengthening the Lower Abdomen: The Fascial Sheath29
6.Reducing Postural Strain34
7.Lopsided Limbs40
8.Correct Sitting Posture: Selecting the Right Chair45
9.Car Driving: Reducing Low Back Pain and Postural Fatigue Risk52
10.Of Beds and Backaches
To Permit Easy Movement of the Body / 58
To Prevent the Spine Sagging / 58
Sleeping Positions / 62
11.Sensible Footwear65
12.Piriformis Syndrome70
13.For a Supple and a Flexible Back: An Exercise Plan75
14.Minimising Work Related Back Pain:
Correct Techniques and Precautions
Load Limits / 85
Pulling And Pushing / 86
Load-Carrying / 87
Bending And Stooping / 89
Accidents / 90
15.Tension and Stress: The Contributory Factors91
16.Infections: The Aggravating Factor98
17.Traction Therapy101
18.Bed Rest: Why, When and How Much108
19.Heat Treatments For Relief113
20.Massage As a Therapy118
21.Of Creams, Lotions and Oils125
22.Pain Relieving Drugs128
23.Acupuncture and Acupressure132
24.Cold Cures: Ice Packs, cold Sprays and Compresses136
25.A Balanced diet: For Study Bones and Healthy Joint Tissues141
26.Back-Up Treatment: Other Therapies and Cures
Injections / 149
Surgery / 151
Manipulation / 151
Acupunture / 152
Drugs / 152
Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation / 153
Postural Correction / 154
Corsets / 154
27.Folk Remedies and County Cures: Bangles, Belts and Bees155
28.Add Life to Your Years168

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