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Conscience's Quantum (An Alchemy: Connecting Inner and Outer Mystery f Life)

Conscience's Quantum (An Alchemy: Connecting Inner and Outer Mystery f Life)
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Item Code: NAU908
Author: Rupsingh Bhandari
Publisher: Brosis Publishers and Distributors
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789388519212
Pages: 136
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.16 kg

Be prepared as you open this book and read her pages as you are torn away from your current location and perspective of life and floated to another place which you have never been except only in a dream. I have always dreamed of being in Nepal and her mountains and from first poem to the last and then days and weeks and months after I got back more than a wish granted as I now float instead of walking and I fly instead of running. I could speak of what a masterpiece of poetry the author created or his insightful line after line within poem after poem yet there is no need to beseech these to the reader for these things will be discovered with a turn of the page. As too I will not linger upon the honor of my place within the blessed cover of this book. This book and these poems do not need my words or words of any others for this book and these poems carry with it all the wisdom of the ages as this book and these poems pay homage to every droplet of truth and to each masterful poet of past. To know what I truly believe of this poet and his work I could not begin to express or any expression made here does not encompass. Instead looking to any poems I write for remainder of blessed breath for within my lines you will find me still climbing and seeking and obtaining the magnificence of these poems. Read this book once to be transported to another realm as read it again to be places safely back home and then again to a place unknown to you or me or author. Take these words as their wisdom as their aspirations to become a more evolved human which has obtained a greater understanding of wisdom, laughter, crying, playing, dreaming, singing, and poetry.

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