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The Cosmic Energy & Chakras

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The Cosmic Energy & Chakras
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The Cosmic Energy & Chakras

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Item Code: NAQ743
Author: Dev Om
Publisher: Om Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788192742236
Pages: 277 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.3 kg
About the Book

We all have the power of Universe in our 'Chakras' the energy centers in our body. They are connected and receive energy from the Universe according to the need of our being. They get activated by the divinity inside us and help us tremendously in our overall growth inner and outer. They are the connection point between the Divine and us.

It is important to understand and be in touch with the energy centers inside your body. If you do that then you can make use of that unlimited energy and can live a happy, healthy, peaceful, loving, serene and fulfil ling life.

This book explains the teachings given by Mystic Dev OM in his 'Spiritual Alchemy of Chakras' workshop. In his workshop he explains the way to develop the chakra energy in most natural manner. He explains the basic nature of each chakra and their Divine Powers. When you live the basic nature of chakra in your life then you receive that Divine Power, which makes you evolve progressively and naturally.

Given along the guided meditation CD of Color Meditation, which is a beautiful way to have daily energy bath of ckakras.


So much has been written and spoken about Chakras and their influence in the world that there is an information overload of sorts on the subject. While most texts on Chakras focus on the technical and metaphysical aspects, Dev OM with his subtle words and years of hand on experience as a meditation master offers a unique insight on the 'spiritual and cosmic' aspects of Chakras.

The Cosmic Energy and Chakras gives a complete insight on the Chakras, their energy flows and various meridians along with some powerful do it yourself techniques that allow the reader to trace the flow of their chakra energy. 'Happy Breath Work' technique stands out for me as a powerful tool as a perfect starting point towards this insightful journey to explore the chakra centers and its energy flow.

The most important information provided in this book is how to connect and manage the chakra energy in the natural ways. It makes a reader aware about the compulsive elements, which affect the chakra energy in the daily routine and tells how to use those elements positively.

The alchemy of each of the seven Chakras covers all physical, functional, emotional and metaphysical aspects making it a complete guidebook of Chakra activating and balancing the energy centers of the body.

There are no complicated methodologies, no complex maze that one has to run around to understand the true world of cosmic energy balance. Dev OM speaks the truth as it is, in a simple and subtle way, connecting with each reader on an individual level.

The meditations given at the end of the book are a life changing experience. The Five Elements Meditation offers a perfect culmination of this journey as one gets drained and, then reenergized with positive energy force. I am looking forward to attending a workshop with Dev OM in the Himalayas amid the vast blue skies for a 'Five Elements Meditation' session.

The Cosmic Energy and Chakras is the only book you would ever need to read to understand the complexities of Chakra and energy flow. Get ready for a life changing experience!

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