Darshan in a Temple (Method and the Underlying Science)

Darshan in a Temple (Method and the Underlying Science)

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Author: Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale And Mr. Nishad Shyam Deshmukh
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskrit Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9789383236305
Pages: 126 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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Rituals to create Sanskars, Religious practices. Holy and religious festivals, vowed religious observances are opportunities to put the teachings of Hindu Dharma into practice. Faith develops by following Dharmik conduct. Faith combined with propagation of Dharma helps unite those who have fervors for Dharma.

In unity, followers of Dharma can be protected from heretics. Unity will also help fufil the higher goal of 'Establishing the Divine kingdom.' Since this task has Divine blessings, it is considered to be samashti sandman (Collective Spiritual practice for the beneft of Society) of the highest order. When vyashti sadhana (individual spiritual practice) is combined with Samadhi sadhana, God-realization can take place faster!


‘Devalaya (Temple) is an abode of God meaning, the actual existence of god. ‘By going to a Devalay our wishes are accepted by God and we experience mental peace’-with this faith the devotees visit a Devalay. It is said that God yearns for bhav (Spiritual emotion). It does not matter which way a staunch devotee with bhav has daeshan (View of the Deity), he still experience God’s grace; however, an ordinary does not have as much and hence, it is imperative that he has darshan in a spiritually manner.

Only when the soot formed on the lamp glass is cleaned does the bright light of the lamp spread outside. Likewise, before the actual darshan of the Deity, the soot-like covering of Ring-Tama around us has to be eliminated and bhav awakened within, to fully avail the benefit of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) and grace of the Deity. Information on how this can be achieved by spiritually correct method of darshan of the Deity,is given in this Holy text. Not only is the correct method given in the text, but also the reacted subtle-level spiritual science is mentioned. This will help develop faith in the method, and alternatively, in the Dharmashastras (Scriptures) as well.

Scientific answers to various questions, such as why enter a Devalay only after washing the feet, why have darshan of the Deity by standing beside the image of the tortoise present in front of the ldol (instead of doing this standing in between or stting down), what prayer to make while having daeshan of the Deity, why, how and how many time to perform pradakshina (Circumambulation) around the Deity etc. are given in this Holy text.

We pray at the Holy feet of Sri Guru that if by reading the text, someone has darshan of a Deity following the correct method, and it creates awareness about the subject amongst his relatives and neighbors, we will taken that to be the true accomplishment of having written this Holy text- Compiler.


Commentary by ‘A Scholar’ on the Divine Knowledge received about this Holy text9
Basic Rules of Transit19
Some terms used in connection with the ‘Subtle dimension’ and their meanings12
Introduction to the Recipients of Divine Knowledge and the Compliers14
1The importance of a Devalay (Temple)16
2Importance of having darshan in a Devalay19
3The word Deol (as in Marathi Language) or Devalay is more appropriate than mandir (Deol is connected with the sagun principle and Devalay with the margin Principle of God)20
4The seven layers in the arrangement of a Devalay the relevant principles and their importance20
5The Correct method of visiting a Devalay (Asummary of the complete actions)22
6Actions to be performed before entering a Devalay and the underlying science29
*What is the reason for removing all the objects made of leather before entering a Devalay29
*Why should the footwear be removed before entering a Devalay30
*Why do we need to wash our feet before entering a Devalay36
*Why do we sprinkle water on ourselaces after washing the feet37
*Why is there a rule in some Devalays that males should remove their shirt before entering the Devalay39
*What is correct-should the nead be covered or not while visiting a Devalay40
*Why should we have darshan of the kalash as soon as we enter a Devalay premises43
7Method of going from the premises towards the sabhamandap of the devalay44
8Climbing the steps of a Devalay46
9Entering the sabhamandap51
10Method of proceeding from the sabhamandap towards the garbha-gruha52
11Actions performed before the actual darshan of the Deity’s lodol and the underlying science54
12Actual darshan of the Deity’s ldol55
13Reason why entering the garbha-gruha is prohibited64
14Actions performed after having darshan of the Deity’s ldol and the underlying science65
15Performing pradakshina of a Deity65
16Donating after having darshan in a Devalay89
17Partaking tirth and Prasad and doing Namjap90
18Actions to be performed while leaving the Devalay and their underlying science98
19What is the effect on vyashti and samashti of various acts in the darshan of a Devalay102
20Subtle-analysis of a Devalay, Divine Knowledge received due to God’s grace and associated spiritual experiences104
21Some spiritual experience related to a Devalay visit112
Spiritual Knowledge at a subtler level on How should one darshan in a Temple116
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