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The Daughters of The Holy Prophet

The Daughters of The Holy Prophet
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Author: Maulana M. Ashiq Elahi (RA)
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 817101447X
Pages: 89
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"

About the Book

This is the English version of the well-known Urdu book Rasoolullah Ki Sahabzadian, written by renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ashiq Elahi (RA).

The Author, intended the reformation and betterment of women in Islamic Society, has described the life-sketches of all the daughters of Prophet Mohammad in Brief, their way of livelihood, their keenness to enhance their religious knowledge and to propagate, their excellence in giving alms and sacrifices, etc. to give the limelight of present day women.


My very dear and cherished friend Maulana Muhammad Ashiq Bulandshehri had written many religious books on different subjects. The books written by him are very popular among the scholars as well as general public. Various publishing houses have printed his different works.

Maulana Muhammad Ashiq had written a book regarding the reformation and betterment of women. He is quite at home over this subject. Lack of interest and ignorance about the knowledge of Islam, specially among the female, needs that they should be provided with knowledge of Qur'an, Ahadith, religion and other tenets of Islam. The women of present day must know the pious and religious activities which the most gracious wives and daughters of the Prophet practiced during their life time.

Maulana Muhammad Ashiq had compiled two books in this respect. The title of the first one is Ummat-e-Muslaima ki Maayain (the Mothers of the Muslims). The title of the second book is Rasulullah ki Sahabzadian (the daughters of Prophet Muhammad. The first book contains complete biographies and life sketches of the wives of the Prophet and in the second book he has described the lives of the daughters of the Holy Prophet. These biographies are quite lesson oriented.

Every Muslim is requested that he should help to publicize this noble cause as well.

Maulana Muhammad Ashiq has also written a very famous book with a title Muslim Khawateen ke Liyay Bees Sabaq (Twenty Lessons for Muslim Women). People are requested that they should pursue the women to read these lectures as well along with the other books he had written for them.

May God accept the efforts of Maulana Muhammad Ashiq Bulandshehri and the present society is being reformed.


Introduction VII
Hazrat Zainab 1
Early Life 1
Marriage 2
Migration 3
Hazrat Abul A'as Embraces Islam 5
Children 7
Death 8
Hazrat Ruqa Wiyya 9
Early Life 9
Nikah with Hazrat Uthman 10
Migration to Abyssinia 11
Second Migration to Abyssinia 12
Migration to Madinah 13
Children 13
Death 13
Hazrat Umme Kalthoom 15
Early Life 15
Migration 16
Nikah with Hazrat Uthman 16
Death 17
The Fate of Atba and Otaiba 19
Description 19
Hazrat Fatima 23
Early Life 23
Migration 25
Marriage 26
Dowry 30
Marriage Feast 30
Distribution of Work 30
Children 30
Dignity of Hazrat Fatima 35
Visits of the Prophet to Hazrat Fatima 37
Domestic Life 40
Virtues 43
Religious Training 45
Death 51
Hazrat Ibrahim (Son of Holy Prophet) 55
The Lessons 64
Forty Ahadith (Mostly) Relating to Women) 66
Dress and Jewelry 73
Veil 75
Jewelry 76

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