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Delusions in Science & Spirituality (The Fall of the Standard Model and the Rise of Knowledge from Unseen Worlds)

Delusions in Science & Spirituality (The Fall of the Standard Model and the Rise of Knowledge from Unseen Worlds)
Item Code: NAQ709
Author: Susan B. Martinez
Publisher: Bears and Company, Vermont
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9781591431985
Pages: 446 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.6 kg
About the Book

What if science and society's most darling theories, taught as fact, were 100 percent wrong? What if the anomalies that disprove these theories were covered up and distorted and any serious challenges brushed off as lunacy, hysteria, junk science, and dissension?

In this primer in deprogramming, Susan B. Martinez reveals the disinformation at the root of mainstream consensus thinking. She punches gaping holes in the cherished theories of the big bang, Darwinian evolution, ice ages, and global warming. Drawing on the ancient science of the unseen and revelations from the Oahspe Bible as well as some of the most advanced thinkers in astrophysics, she-explains a new "Theory of Everything" to replace the standard model. She explores the concept of vortexya, the cosmic whirlwind of our own geomagnetic field, which explains quite simply the subtle changes that take place on Earth and in the universe over time without the "magical thinking" of the big bang, global warming, or ice ages.

Martinez reveals how the instability of society itself has found its way into our theories, positing explosive change and acceleration where there is none. She explains how Homo sapiens' evolution did not suddenly accelerate 40,000 years ago and culture did not accelerate to birth civilization a mere 6,000 years ago. She shows how the theories of the Freudian and Jungian unconscious and of reincarnation have grossly misrepresented the spirit of man and the psyche of humanity.

Resurrecting the majestic order that was once recognized at the basis of reality, Martinez shows that the shift from the Age of Disinformation to the Age of Understanding is well under way.

About the Author

SUSAN B. MARTINEZ, PH.D., is a writer, linguist, teacher, paranormal researcher, and recognized authority on the Oahspe Bible with a doctorate in anthropology from Columbia University. The author of several books, including Time of the Quickening and The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man, she lives in Clayton, Georgia.


It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth.* There is a quiet intellectual war going on; the naked truth is a fatality in the battle for scientific and philosophical supremacy. Since this book is about the "ongoing search for fundamental farces"' let me open with this. Around the time I began writing Delusions in Science and Spirituality, a congressman from my own state (Georgia), Paul Broun, who is also a medical doctor, publicly announced, "All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and big bang theory-all that is lies straight from the pit of hell," adding, "Global warming is a trick." Broun, as it happens, sits on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

Although my political views are probably far from Rep. Broun's, I, too, have had my fill of "fundamental farces." They are everywhere and they are squarely in the way of truth. Until they are cleared off the table, we cannot move forward. In these pages we will confront and debunk the grandest myths of our time-albeit the current alpha dogs in human knowledge-theories so self-congratulatory, so cosseted, so well-inked and oversold as to become Fact. Today's science magazines are one big commercial for the Standard Model (SM). As a result, everyone believes in evolution, ice ages, global warming, and so on. These solutions-unctuously labeled "attractive," "elegant," "sophisticated," "robust," "muscular"-are shot down tomorrow. Meanwhile, the alternatives to these moribund theories are ignored and despised, even though "the improbabilities of today are the elementary truths of tomorrow," as sagely declared by Charles Richet, 1913 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, in his book Thirty Years of Psychic Research (2003).

Scientific debate? Academic freedom? Not really. Turf wars and quarrelsome factions are only internecine, infighting, that is, within the Standard Model.

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