Dental Care and Oral Hygiene : Expert advice on how to keep your teeth white and sparkling. And gums strong and healthy

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Author: Dr. Vijay Tare
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 22307639
Pages: 136 (Illustrated with B & W Figure)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

Many of us have tendency to treat he tooth problems as minor. We ignore the fact that since mouth is the gateway to the body, good health beings with good teeth. A decay or infection therein can lead to a variety of ailments -sometimes even serious ones lime pyorrhea or oral cancer. This book helps you to get wiser about dental care and oral hygiene. Written by an eminent dentist, it details each and every aspect of the subject. From te milk teeth of he baby, the misshaped teeth, orthodontics, teething troubles, thumb sucking & lip biting habits, toothache & cavities, treatment for different types of teeth problem, it goes on to talk of gum diseases, brushing techniques, methods of using floss, jaw correction, oral lesions, oral cancer and finally about the nutrition for healthy teeth and vitamin therapy. The book also refers to common myths about dental problem and offers the correct perspective. The content is rounded off by a list of common Do's & don'ts of teeth and gums, and a glossary of the common dental terms.

About the Author

Born is Indore (M.P.), Dr. Vijay Tare is highly qualified dental-surgeon. He post-graduated from Bombay University and during his illustrious career as a dental surgeon, he has attended several National and International conferences. He has been practicing dentistry for the last 35 years 'Dental care and Oral Hygiene' written by him has skillfully presented the finer points of oral hygiene. It is a useful guide for all those keen on the preservation of dental health.


1Introduction 9
What are tha Functions of Teeth ● Responsibility of a Dentist ● What is Dentistry? ● What is the Role of a Dentist ● Dental Horoscope ● Anatomy of a Tooth ● The Location and Structure of the Teeth
2Pregnancy & Teeth-Motherhood & Baby Care16
Pregnancy ● The New Baby ● feeding Your Child ● Why Look After the Baby Teeth? ● The Child's Food ● When to Start Visits to the Dentist ● Making the First Appointment ● The Pattern of the first Visit ● Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate ● The Handicapped Child ● Orthodontics ● Foods to avoid while Wearing Orthodontic Appliances ● Appearance of Teeth ● Let us Hope ● What is the Purpose of Milk Teeth? ● I Have no Pain in Teeth ● Pleasant Beginning ● Teething Troubles ● Causes ● Mum: What About my Coke and Chocolates? ● Thumb Sucking ● Lip Biting ● Mouth Breathing Habit ● Tongue Thrust Habit ● Mouth Protectors ● Treatment of Crowded Teeth ● ECC (Early Childhood Caries)
3Dental Pain50
Toothache ● Facial Pain ● Who Gets Cavities ● The Role of Dentist In Caries ● Treatment ● The Goal of Treatment ● Wisdom Tooth ● X- rays pf the Teeth ● An Unknown Factor
4Disease of Gum 62
What is Gum-disease ● How Cum Disease Starts? ● Causes of Gum Disease ● What are the Risk Factors? ● A Mystery? Balance ● Precaution to be Taken in disease of Gum ● The Dental Cause Cause ● Treatment ● Bleeding from Oral Cavity ● Twin Brothers
5Plaque (Tartar) Control 72
What is it? ● Powered Toothbrushes ● "Does it Matter so Much Uncle?" ● How Should I Know This Brush ● Is Damaging? ● Brushing ● Choosing Toothpaste ● What is the Floss ● Mouthwash
6Fracture of the Teeth87
Classification of Injury ● fracture of Jaws ● Treatment ● Mandibular Joint ● Clicking-jaw ● systemic Disease's Effect on Oral Cavity ● Dentist Guidance & Not the Treatment
7Oral Diseases 92
Tooth and heart ● Introduction ● Early Diagnosis of Oral Lesions ● Causes of Oral Cancer ● Primary And Secondary Treatment of oral Cancer ● Smoking ● The Salivary Glands
Introduction ● Protein ● Carbohydrates ● Cellulose ● Fat ● Vitamins ● Minerals ● Vitamin Therapy ● Dental Treatment of Geriatric (Old) Patients ● Oral Hygience Instruction ● Treatment of Dental Disease ● Recent Advances in Dentistry ● A Single Tooth can be Permanently Implanted into jaw bone. ● Use of Computer in Dentistry ● Why some People Have no Dental Complaints ● Trees of Life
9Myths & Legends in Dentistry 111
Curious Beliefs ● The Secrets of 32 Teeth ● Facts, Do's And Don'ts About Teeth & Gums ● A Word of Advice to Dentists
10Some Common Dental Terms 123
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