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Dictionary of Astrology

Dictionary of Astrology
Item Code: IDJ859
Author: J. N. Bhasin, Edited by Sharadendu
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Edition: 1997
Pages: 247
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"
About the Book

It is a unique and bold attempt, first of its kind, to compile an exhaustive Astrological Dictionary.

The Book, divided in three sections, contains Terminology-Indian and Western, Explanatory notes and definitions, classifications, nature, significatorship, synonyms of signs, planets, constellations and other astrological terms, together with other valuable information, which each student and scholar of Astrology should know.

Prominent combinations (Yogas). Good and bad, as enunciated in ancient Indian texts.

Helpful alike to Indian and Western readers, beginners, students and scholars, amateurs and professional, engaged in the pursuits of the science. Helpful for inter-communication.

It contains valuable information about allied and other branches of prognostication like Palmistry, Numerology etc.

Preface by the Editor

Astrology, which was considered formerly to be an exercise in superstitious beliefs, is fast growing into a modern science. More and more educated people are being drawn towards it. A lot of research work is being carried on and there is more and more communication not only between different regional systems but also between different branches of prognostication.

This inter-communication has created some problems also. For example, Indian authors in their English Texts or translated works, often use Indian terminology. The Western readers may find it difficult to follow certain Western terms which are alien to their own system.

The present book is a unique, first attempt of its kind, to minimize such difficulties. Of course, some books like 'Alan Leo's Dictionary of Astrology', 'The Language of Astrology' [Leslie Fleming-Mitchell] are available, but they cannot be considered to be complete, especially from Indian point of view. This book is a bold attempt to fill that gap. It will help both the readers-Indian as well as Western, and further facilitate in intercommunication.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section deals with terminology, both Indian and Western. The second section deals with definitions, classification, synonyms and other relevant informations, which will be of immense help to readers, beginners as well as scholars. It will also act as a ready reckoner for them. The third section contains various combinations, good and bad, as given in ancient texts. These form the basis of prediction for the Indian system. In Section IV, some useful tables are given. Thus, the book will serve not only as a dictionary, but as a text as well.

Roman script has been adopted as the base of the work. This is so obviously to reach the maximum number of readers. Unfortunately this script is not capable enough of communicating the pronunciations of certain Indian terms, as they should be. Moreover, different authors use different spellings for some terms. As such Devnagari script has also been used with Roman script for Indian terms. This will be an additional benefit to those who know both the scripts.

We hope, our readers will appreciate our endeavour and offer their constructive suggestions to us, which we will try to incorporate in our future works.

I am especially thankful to Shri S. S. Phillar, who has done a humane service in the realm of Astrology and whose fame has crossed the boundaries of his own country. He has helped me a lot in compiling this wok with his guidance. I am also grateful to my publishers, M/s. Ranjan Publications, without whose persistent goading and encouragement, it would not have been possible for me to venture this arduous task.


Section I
Section II
1. Abbreviations
2. Classifications
3. Explanatory Notes
4. Synonvms111-196
Section III
Planetary Combinations197-222
Section IV
Some Useful Tables223-243

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