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Dream Sutra - Perceiving Hidden Realms

Dream Sutra - Perceiving Hidden Realms
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Dream Sutra - Perceiving Hidden Realms

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Item Code: NAP182
Author: Hingori & Hannah
Publisher: Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789352585717
Pages: 222
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 260 gms

The realm of dreams defies logic. For thousands of years, philosophers, scientists and spiritualists alike have struggled to understand the dream state. Numerous dictionaries have tried to interpret dreams into everyday vocabulary. So far, it has been nothing more than an attempt at best. So is this book.

The only saving grace is that this book is a collection and a combined effort of several people who share a collective interest in spiritual evolution, and have a common guru — a very powerful and accomplished guide who practiced astral travel at will (I have witnessed this on several occasions). Often, he would give instructions, messages and interact with his disciples and devotees in their dreams.

Having spent a decade with him, a part of which was living as a guest in his house, I did get to ask him for the explanations of several dreams. While hanging around in his room and home, I also had the benefit of overhearing his explanation of other people's dreams.

Do I think the information in this text is comprehensive enough? No, I don't. But I do think that it is a lot more than you will find elsewhere. There have been almost 100-plus interviews conducted by Hannah, my co-author, who unfortunately has a much better flow of expression than me. I almost feel like apologising for that! I promise that in the future books I will revert to my regular style of colloquial writing. In the meantime, do enjoy her eloquence and the untiring effort of not just interviewing but also interrogating several of my spiritual associates and her other victims.


Dreams, Visions & OBEs 1
Dreams, Visions and Out-of-Body Experiences 2
Categories of Dreams 3
Consciousness —The Yogic View 15
Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep 18
Saints Seers & Gurus 23
Buddha 25
Mahavir 26
Iconography 27
Jesus 28
Muhammad 29
Rabia 30
Guru Gobind Singh 32
Gurudev 34
Gurudev 39
The Lamp is Lit 41
Rhythm of Work 43
Grihasth Ashram 44
Seva 48
A Dream Reunion 51
Neelkanth Dham 53
The Seva of Healing 55
'I'll Take Care of This' 58
'All is Well' 62
'I Could See Him' 66
Healing Lepers 68
Cure for Migraine 70
Colour Therapy 71
The Light Body 74
Restoring the Balance 76
Spirituals Guidance 81
Karma 83
The Path of Seva 88
Beyond Form (Roop) 91
The Guru's Feet (Guru Charan) 94
Activating the Kundalini 97
The Third Eye 100
Insights Into Time 103
Lease of Life 108
Sheshnag's Gift 109
Surviving the Boar 111
A Saga of Three Lifetimes 112
Destiny... or the Guru's Choice? 116
Kaal: Time... or Death? 120
Death 123
Visitation Dreams 126
'Help!' 127
After-life Dimensions 128
After-death Clearance 131
After-death Desires 134
Deeds After Death 136
The Guru's Death in a Dream 143
The Stamp of Jupiter 145
Spiritual Alliances 147
Zoroaster 148
Steps of Advancement 150
Petals of Reverence 152
Departing Courtesies 154
Shirdi Sai 155
Dattatreya 156
Nandi 157
Parshuram 158
Muktananda 162
Markandeshwar 163
Baba Makhdoom 164
Mangal - The Power 166
Pilgrimages with The Guru 169
The Guru of the Ganges 171
Pilgrimage at Manimahesh 174
Voyage of Wonder 176
Divine Meetings 176
Temple Trips 180
The Desire for a Pilgrimage 182
Abandoned Pilgrimages 183
Levels of Astral Travel 186
Buddhi Bhram (The Paradox) 187
The Brain 193
The Mind 195
The Reality 196
The Paradox 198
Glossary 201


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