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Economy Permanence (A Quest for a Social Order Based on Non-Violence)

Economy Permanence (A Quest for a Social Order Based on Non-Violence)
Item Code: NAV308
Author: J.C. Kumarappa
Publisher: Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2017
Pages: 210
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.1 kg

Man in Gregation—has been added as a separate volume. This part deals with activities of man as a Member of Society. Taken by itself this part may be considered a plan for the Development of the country on the basis of non-violence. It treats about planning, Agriculture, Village Industries, Exchange, Democracy and the State in relation to Key Industries, Monopolies and Natural Resources. It indicates the services that the State should render to the citizens. It is hoped that this addition will give a complete picture of life in a community working towards non-violence and peace.


Like this brochure on the 'PRACTICE & PRECEPTS OF JESUS' Dr. Kumarappa's on ' THE ECONOMY OF PERMA-NENCE' is a jail production. It is not as easy to understand as the first. It needs careful reading twice or thrice if it is to be fully appreciated. When I took up the manuscript I was curious to know what it could contain. The opening chapter satisfied my curiosity and led me on to the end without fatigue and yet with profit. This doctor of our village industries shows that only through them we shall arrive at the economy of permanence in the place of that of the fleeting nature we see around us at present. He tackles the question — shall the body triumph over and stifle the soul or shall the latter triumph over and express itself through a perishable body which, with its few wants healthily satisfied, will be free to subserve the end of the imperishable soul ? This is 'Plain living and High thinking'.

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