Elements of Vedic Astrology (In Two Volumes)

Elements of Vedic Astrology (In Two Volumes)

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Author: Dr. K S Charak
Publisher: Uma Publications
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 8190100807
Pages: 453
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
Preface to the Fourth Edition

The Elements of Vedic Astrology has been acclaimed as the most systematic, comprehensive and compact work on the Parashari system of astrology. For the past over one decade, its supremacy has remained unchallenged. It remains a standard book for those seeking initiation into Vedic astrology while, for the more advanced and the researcher in astrology, it serves as a reference book. This work has verily been appreciated by the student and the teacher of astrology alike. It retains a stature against which all other similar works on Vedic astrology are judged.

The present edition has been completely revised and enlarged. A whole new chapter on the Sudarshana Chakra of Parashara has been added at the end. The Sudarshana Chakra method of analysis is supposed to provide a highly accurate assessment of a chart. It is hoped that the inclusion of this chapter in the present edition will enable the serious student of Vedic astrology to markedly enhance his predictive ability.

Preface to the First Edition

Teaching astrology to highly educated and elite classes of students in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi has imposed great demands on the teaching faculty here to maintain and upgrade their quality of teaching. A direct consequence of this has been the production of several high standard books by the faculty members. Stress has been placed on illustrating the various astrological principles and techniques by suitable examples. The scientific basis of astrology has been proved repeatedly by illustrating the principles which give replicable results.

Study of Vedic astrology demands an elementary knowledge of astronomy and some basic techniques concerned with the preparation of horoscopic charts. Understanding the static promise in a horoscope, and he dynamic aspect of timing the fruition of such promise, are areas which demand deeper study. Vedic astrology has at its disposal innumerable techniques which can be employed for virtually infallible results. Not all techniques are to be used by every practitioner of Vedic astrology on all horoscopes. But a knowledge of most of these is desirable. Eventually, each astrologer develops his standard technique which suits him the best.

Elements of Vedic Astrology is directed towards providing the basic principles of Vedic astrology. It highlights the scientific basis of astrology. The initial few chapters are directed towards clarifying the fundamental principles of astrology. The basic concepts of astronomy as the relevant to a study of astrology are described clearly. An example of the highly evolved ancient Indian method of teaching has been taken from a celebrated scripture; it highlights the simple yet lucid style of imparting scientific-spiritual instruction to a disciple. Some important areas of astrology concerned with the characteristics of rashis, houses and planets, the nature of planets, and the significations of houses and planets, have all been described in great details. Two chapters have been devoted to the techniques of casting a horoscopic chart. It may be pertinent to point out here that an understanding of the manual method of casting of a horoscope has vast advantages and must be mastered fully. Reliance may later be placed on computerized calculations if so desired.

Subtle areas of astrology, like the planetary states (Avasthas) and the sub-planets, have been discussed briefly and areas for further research indicated. The use of vargas, or subtle divisions, has been explained. The Vimshottari dasha system has been dealt with in details while the Yogini dasha has been described briefly in order to provide an additional confirmatory tool. A vast amount of information gathered from standard classical texts of astrology in respect of the placement of planets in different houses or rashis, and the various planetary influences on them, has been provided.

The stature of a horoscope is reflected in the presence or absence of the all-important planetary yogas in a horoscope. These must be recognized at the outset, and their quality judged, in order to assess the potential inherent in a chart. Three full chapters have been devoted to this aspect along with illustrative examples.

Determination of longevity is a tricky area in astrology. Some standard methods of calculating the span of life along with their pitfalls have been described.

Specialised predictive areas of Vedic astrology have been touched briefly in order to acquaint the reader of such additional predictive tools. These include medical astrology, horary astrology, transits, annual charts and Astakavarga. One chapter has been devoted to the Muhurta or electional aspect of astrology. Greater understanding of these areas necessitates further study, an aspect which has been hinted at appropriately.

The book deals solely with the Parashari system which is the most prevalent system of Vedic astrology. No attempt has been made to transgress into the other parallel system known as the Jaimini system which is less in vogue, is less well understood, and needs a lot of research before being universally applicable.

The work is primarily meant for those who want to learn astrology from the very beginning, and pursue it seriously in a scientific manner. It will serve as a stepping stone for those who want to eventually go into specialized branches of astrology. It is also aimed to help those who intend to indulge in astrological research in hitherto unexplored areas like the vargas, the sub-planets, or the planetary states, etc.

My efforts will be more than rewarded if this work fulfils its intended aims.

About the Book

The Elements of Vedic Astrology is an excellent and most comprehensive book on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology written in English.

Treats astrology in a most organized and scientific manner.
Ensures an understanding of elementary astronomy which forms the basis of Vedic astrology.

Deals elaborately with the mathematical aspects of astrology for correct casting of horoscopes and calculation of dashas, etc.

Two important dasha systems, the Vimshottari and the Yogini, have been described. The Vimshottari dasha has been described in great details.

Enters into areas of research, like the vargas, the sub-planets, and the planetary states or avasthas.

Three chapters are devoted to the all-important subject of the yogas which form the basis of many an astrological prediction.

The Nabhasa yogas have been dealt with, and classified, in a most innovative manner.

Results of planets in various houses, signs, etc., have been described in great details.

Several other subjects like planetary strengths, Balarishta, Arishta Bhanga, determination of longevity, medical astrology, horary astrology, annual horoscopy, planetary transits, Ashtakavarga, Muhurta and methods of matching charts for marital purposes, etc., have all been dealt with lucidly.

The book is profusely illustrated by example horoscopes.


Preface to the Fourth Editionv
Preface to the First Editionvii
IVedic Astrology : An Introduction1
IIElementary Concepts of Astronomy - I9
IIIElementary Concepts of Astronomy - II29
IVVedic Method of Instruction : An Illustration42
VOf Signs, Houses and Planets58
VINature of Planets71
VIISignifications of Houses and Planets83
VIIICasting a Horoscope : Cusps of Houses93
IXCasting a Horoscope: Longitudes of Planets108
XVargas or Subtle Divisions112
XIThe Sub-Planets132
XIIPlanetary States of Being137
XIIIGraha Bala or the Strength of Planets146
XIVThe Dashas or Operational Periods of Planets155
XVInterpretation of the Vimshottari Dasha182
XVIBalarishta and Arishta Bhanga214
XVIIPlacement of Lords of Houses229
XVIIIPlanets in Different Houses245
XIXPlanets in Different Sings260
XXNabhasa Yogas291
XXIYogas Based on Ownership of Houses303
XXIISpecific and Miscellaneous Yogas321
XXIIIMathematical Calculation of Longevity338
XXIVAstrology of Health and Disease354
XXVVarshaphala or Annual Horoscopy370
XXVIMuhurata or the Astrology of Election380
XXVIIMatching of Charts: The Traditional Method394
XXVIIIPrashna or Horary Astrology407
XXIXGochara or Planetary Transits414
XXXISudarshana Chakra437
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