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Essence of Bhagavad-Gita Volume-1 A simplified crash course for the young and old based on the five volume series, 'Spirituality for the modern youth'

Essence of Bhagavad-Gita Volume-1 A simplified crash course for the young and old based on the five volume series, 'Spirituality for the modern youth'
Item Code: IDI073
Author: Radheshyam Das, M. Tech (IIT, Mumbai)
Publisher: Bhaktivedanta Academy for culture & Education (BACE)
Language: English
Edition: 2006
Pages: 270 (Illustration is Black & white)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.3"X 13"
weight of the book: 1.1 kg

The Vedic texts are the panacea for all problems for all times. They give a crystal clear understanding of all the fundamental and essential truths of life including who we are what the true goal of life is and how we can attain permanent happiness.

The books published earlier were meant for engineering college students. The congregation however always felt a need for a simpler book that would present the teachings of Srila Prabhupada with simple examples stories and illustrations. This book addresses the need of the Congregation devotees as well as the youth preachers. (The preacher could make the audience sit in a circle and speak after asking one of them to read a para; expert preachers may prepare charts slides or go for interactive discussion on the themes covered in the book).

For the past several years the congregation devotees at Pune have been feeling a need for systemic courses to train and educate them in Siddhanta (philosophy) Sadhana (regulated spiritual practice), Sadachar (etiquette and behavior) and Seva (devotional service). To meet those needs have come up with this course book after referring to VTE (Vaishnava Training and Education) manual's approach and Prabhupada's books on the most essential items to be learnt by a beginner. We have also referred to VOICE, Pune, syllabus used for training youth over several years now.

We were always looking for some method of evaluation in recommending people for Diksha or Initiation. When one conducts an interview to evaluate fitness of a candidate for the first initiation both the candidate and the interviewer are perplexed. The candidate is afraid of the interview as to what will be candidate can be sent at this stage for initiation. Offering courses like in this book will ensure that the candidate has been undergoing training for a year or two that he/ she has digested the philosophy over a period of time and is applying Vaishnava etiquette in everyday life. Thus the selection in candidate by President or the authorities becomes easy. Those who do not want to undergo the course owing to time constraints etc. but want to go foe imitation could be asked to fulfill the basic criteria of Quiz submission giving the required Written tests for these courses and completing the basic requirements.

The preachers in their respective areas to temple could invite youths and the congregation to join the BHAGAVAD-GITA STUDY CIRCLE that can operate once a week on a Saturday or Sunday or a day convenient to the majority of participants. It is basically a 'Bhakti Vriksha' type of group but using the name 'BHAGAVAD-GITA STUDY CIRCLE' is more appealing to the new people. If youth feel that 'Bhagavad-gita' name may put off the newcomer youths they could call it as' SPIRITUAL SCIENTISTS STUDY CIRCLE'. The subject most appreciated by great spiritual scientists like Einstein, Openheimer etc., is Bhagavad-gita.

This book is a crash course on our five-volume edition, 'Spirituality for modern Youth' consisting of: ' Discover Your Self', 'Your Best Friend', your Secret Journey', 'Victory over Death', and 'Yoga of Love'. As these book are exhaustive many preachers may feel that it takes several years to complete the. The teacher could use the above five books as reference books, while the student could use the 'Essence of Bhagavad-gita' book for study and reference.

This is a two-volume work and each volume can be used as a one year certificate course book. This book (Volume-1) will give 'Siddhanta', or philosophy of Krishna consciousness. For 'Sidhana and Sadachar' ('Devotional practice' and 'Vaishnava etiquette and behavior') we have given the syllabus and reference books. Thus the teacher could conduct these courses on philosophy blended with practical Vaishnava behavior, to ensure that the students' knowledge does not remain theoretical but practically applied and digested.

There are quizzes at the end of each lesson in this book. There are also quizzes based on 'Bhagavad- gita As It Is' by Srila Prabhupada. This is to ensure that the student gets the advantage of Prabhupada vani.

About a decade ago we had brought out a book with the same title for a six -session course on 'Essence of Bhagavad-gita'. This book is more exhaustive so as to help preachers conduct courses for a period of one to two years. One could also pick some of the titles to give a six-session course.

We will consider our humble efforts successful if this endeavor can assist in fulfilling the pure desire of our acharyas to flood the entire world with Krishna consciousness.



Course Syllabus and Slokas for Memorization

1 Introduction to Bhagavad- gita 1
2 Material Problems Spiritual Solutions 11
3 Getting the Eyes of Eyes of Knowledge 25
4 Vedas the Privilege of Humanity 37
5 Identifying My Divine Guide 49
6 The Spirit of Bhagavad -gita 59
7 Qualifications of an Ideal Disciple 69
8 Science of Soul 81
9 Reincarnation -Fact or Fiction? 99
10 Evolving towards Perfection 117
11 Peace Formula 131
12 Different platforms of Worship 155
13 Who should be the object of my worship? 169
14 God and gods 189
15 Is God personal of impersonal? 209
  Appendices 231

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