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Event Metaphor, Memory Chauri Chaura 1922-1992

Event Metaphor, Memory Chauri Chaura 1922-1992
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Item Code: IDH503
Author: Shahid Amin
Publisher: Penguin Books
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 0143062042
Pages: 294 {11 Illustrations in B/W and In Colour}
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.8" X 5.1"
From the Back of the Book

On 4 February 1922, peasant volunteers who had enlisted in Gandhi's newly launched people's struggle against British Rule turned violent and burned down a police station in Chauri Chaura killing twenty three policemen. According to Shahid Amin, this dramatic occurrence simply had to be quickly forgotten as a stain upon the clean sheets of Gandhian non-violence. And so it was. Chaur Chaura was effectively blotted out of the ground narrative of Indian heroic nationalism, making a token appearance in authoritative text books. In Contrast with this, in Event, Metaphor Memory Amin reveals the fascinating specificities that comprise the history of Chauri Chaura. By combining archival records with local memory to amplify voices of individual peasants, he analyses the way events and memories are given meanings and emphases, and how records are appropriated by different, sometimes conflicting, histories. The result is a book that breaks new ground in several areas of Indian historiography.

About the Author

Shahid Amin is a professor of history at Delhi University. He has been a visiting fellow at Stanford, Princeton and Berlin. He has authored Sugarcane and Sugar in Gorakhpur as well as several seminal essays in subltern Studies.


Preface to the Revised Edition xiii
Acknowledgements xv
Prologue xviii
Impressions 3
The Riot and History 5
A Narrative of the Events 9
Chauri Chaura Dumri Mundera 19
Fraudulent Reports 43
The Lessons of the Riot 46
The Crime of Chauri Chaura 48
Nationalizing the Riot 53
The Case for Punishment and Justice 61
Dwarka Gosain's Complaint 66
Violence and counter-Insurgency 73
The Making of the Approver 79
Shikari's Testimony 91
The Approver and the Accused 99
Judicial Discourse 103
The Alimentary Aspects of Picketing 111
The Politics of the Trial 118
Historian's Dilemma 129
Dumri Records 132
The Youthful Account 137
Komal Dacoit 140
The Babusaheb of Mundera 143
The Madanpur Narrative 148
Malaviya Saves Chotki Dumri 150
The Great Betrayal 153
A powerful Mukhbir 156
The one Seven Two of Chauri Chaura 162
The policemen dead 165
The Darogain 179
The Presence of Gandhi 183
Otiyaras 199
Chutki or the Gift of Grain 201
The Feast of 4 February 1922 206
The Colour Gerua and Proper Nationalist Attire 210
What the Otiyars Wore 213
Witness to a History 217
Towards Conclusion 219
Epilogue 227
Afterwards 230
Appendix A 241
Abbreviations 244
Notes to Prologue 245
Notes to Part One 245
Notes to Part Two 248
Notes to Part Three 252
Notes to Part Four 257
Notes to Part Five 266
Bibliography 285
Index 292

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