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FAMILY HISTORY Janaki Agnes Penelope Majumdar (nee Bonnerjee)

FAMILY HISTORY Janaki Agnes Penelope Majumdar (nee Bonnerjee)
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Item Code: IDD651
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 0195663608
Pages: 180
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.7"
weight of the book: 344 gms
About the Book:

Written in 1935 and reproduced from a manuscript left to her grandson, Janaki Majumdar's Family History describes the family fortunes of at least two upper-class Bengali families during the period 1870-1945. It traces the lives of three generations of women from the time they were children through adulthood, detailing the choices they made or that were made for them by the male members of their families.

The most significant aspect of this 'history' is its vivid evocation of the cultural dimension of British rule in India and its impact on the domestic world of women and families. The tension between Majumdar's desire to preserve her family's contributions to political history and her struggle to represent her mother as a 'modern' Indian heroine turns her narrative into important evidence of the pressures of British imperial culture on the first generation of Indian nationalists. It also reveals how 'elite' Indian women's experiences of public and private, the nation and the home, are intimately related.

A detailed introduction by Antoinette Burton analyses the ways in which memories of physical space and the emotive attachment to home can be used as sources to document women's agency in the creation of a nation. A highly regarded historian of Victorian Britain, Indian women, and feminism, she argues for the expansion of traditional notions of the archive to include personal memories such as Janaki Majumdar's Family History

This sensitive and well-argued work is a major contribution to feminist historiography on British India, South Asian history, British imperial history, and historiography.

About the Author:

Janaki Agnes Penelope Majumdar (1886-1963) was the daughter of W.C. Bonnerjee, the first president of the Indian National Congress

Antoinette Burton is Professor of History at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.


Introduction by Antoinette Burton

Janaki Majumdar's Family History

Part I
The Majumdar Family

1.1P.M.'s Ancestry
1.2Early Days
1.3Religious Influences
1.4College Days: Calcutta and Creek Row
1.5First Marriage to Wife's Death (1894-9)
1.6Work at Gidhaur (1900-4)
1.7Student Days in England (1904-7)
1.8Friends and Acquaintances
1.9Experiences in South Africa
1.10Return to India (1908)
1.11Work in Calcutta
1.12Sisters and Relatives

Part 2
The Bonnerjee Family
2.1Ancestry of Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee: His Parents and Early Life (1844-64)
2.2Hemangini Bonnerjee: Her Parents, Early Life and Marriage (1849-59)
2.3W.C. Bonnerjee in England (1864-8)
2.4Return to Calcutta
2.5Beginnings of a Life in English Style (1868-74)
2.6Hemangini's First Visit to England (1874-5)
2.7Kidderpose House, Calcutta (1876-84)
2.86 Park Street, Calcutta (1885)
2.9The Founding of the Congress (1885)
2.10Family Life at 6 Park Street
2.11Settling in England (1888)
2.12Kidderpore, Croydon
2.13Notes by Mrs Arthus Alexander: The Bonnerjee Family
2.14Life in Croydon: The Final Sorrow (1890)
2.15College Friends: Nellie's and Shelley's Engagements (1892)
2.16Shelley's Wedding (11-10-1893)
2.17Visit to India (1893-5)
2.18Life in Calcutta
2.19Birth of Kew (1894), Return to England (1895)
2.20Miss Neligan
2.21School Days (1895-9)
2.22My Father's Retirement and Work at the Privy Council (1902-5)
2.23College Days (1904-7)
2.24Death of W.C. Bonnerjee (21-7-06)
2.25Remaining Years of HYemangini Bonnerjee's Life (1906-10)

Part 3
Early Married Life
3.16 Park Street Again (1908)
3.2Early Married Life (1909-10)
3.3Life at Elysium Row
3.4Visits of Nellie and Suise to India
3.5Early School Days: P.M.'s Activities
3.6Goodbye to Calcutta (1919-20)


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