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Forever Ladakh (The Crown Jewel of India)

Forever Ladakh (The Crown Jewel of India)
Item Code: NAT470
Author: Jigmet Norzin
Publisher: Lustre Press, Roli Books
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789351941774
Pages: 298 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 8.50 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.66 kg
About the Book

Forever Ladakh is the definitive guide for the new millennium. Based on countless interviews with locals, and the latest in academic scholarship, this travel guide is a fun yet penetrating snapshot of today's Ladakh. Here you will find crucial visitors' information, as well as folklore, local histories, and details on legendary sites, never before published. This is the result of immeasurable grassroots support in the Ladakhi community, and is part of a greater effort to celebrate the diversity and treasures of the Himalayas.

Despite Ladakh's remote location in the high-altitude mountain desert of northern India, a new and infectious wave of interest in its culture and history has emerged. With that, adventure is abounding. In a region where the history is still being uncovered, and where all nooks have yet to be charted, the magic of discovery still lingers. With Forever Ladakh, a compendium of special access information, you will be guided through the best parts of the region in refreshing detail, and with a sense of the region's true spirit.


The results are fantastic. Present-day Ladakh is a place where traditional life thrives alongside the newest innovations in green technology. It's a place where spirituality and culture reign supreme, while a new generation of educated youth is taking on leadership positions in the global community. This is a climactic time in the story of Ladakh, a place that now inspires nations across the world struggling with their own technological and industrial modernity. For this reason, Ladakh truly is a "Crown Jewel" - a rare and precious place where the distilled best shines.

Of course, the spellbinding landscapes are also at the core of Ladakh's magic. The boundless mountains, crystalline rivers, and behemoth glaciers born of epic geological activity comprise the most stunning vistas on earth. "Moonland", indeed... Arriving here is to arrive in a different place in the universe, simultaneously pure, humbling, and full of wonders. The rich spectrum of wildlife ranges from blue sheep, to the black-necked crane, to the endangered snow leopard native to the Himalayas. In Ladakh, their numbers continue to grow as they live harmoniously alongside the people that populate the area, who uphold a special compassion for animals rarely seen elsewhere in the world.

A journey to Ladakh is inherently a spiritual one. Buddhism in particular has thrived and flourished here for two thousand years, under the patronage of several "Dharma kings" of yore who proliferated waves of philosophy and art that influenced regions across Central and Eastern Asia. The kingdom itself was avast domain that extended beyond the holy mount kailash into parts of Nepal, greatly influencing what we know today of Himalayan Buddhism and culture.

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