General Astrology
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General Astrology

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Item Code: NAC808
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Bharatiya Prachya Evam Sanatan Vigyan Sansthan
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8186089187
Pages: 138
Cover: Paperback
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General Astrology is taught in accordance with and as a part of syllabus in Jyotish Praveen and Jyotisha Alankar, etc.

General Astrology gives the student an insight into the traditional, ancient and inseparable link of astrology with our culture and heritage. It is aimed at familiarizing the student with the inherent dignity and the status of this branch of knowledge. This branch of our time tested knowledge is cerebral and philosophical. It has been examined and commented upon by a host of respected intellectual giants of the astrological world. The opinions of these erudite and well known astrologers are valid and correct. It is the constraints imposed by the syllabus and the of the astrological knowledge of the students for whom the book has been designed that does not permit the inclusion of the views of all these Astrological giants.

This book deals with the subject in four broad parts. In Section-1 the student are made aware of the place of Astrology in our heritage and its basic rationale in permitting persons to lead a harmonious life-by tailoring their desire to match their capabilities. In Section-11 the student are exposed to the theory of astrology and its history and Section-111 the Karma theory is dealt with. In Section-4 we see this ancient science in the modem context of Science and Psychology.

The student while going through this book should critically examine the various. Opinions and do further reading. This book is just to initiate the students. If some student get motivated in doing further research and enriching the astrological lore this book would have achieved its aim.

Sansthan is grateful to Shri K.N.Rao, Justice S.N kapoor and Col. A. k. Gaur for preparing the material for this book.




  Prologue 5
  Section I  
  Astrology-Our Heritage  
1 Astrology the Vedang 9
2 The Rationale of Astrology 17
  Section II  
  The Thheory of astrology  
3 What is Jyotish Shastra 25
4 An Astrologer-Qualification 33
5 Utility of Astrology 39
6 History of Astrology 44
7 The Teacher Peiod 55
  Section III  
  The Karma Theory  
8 Fate and Free will 67
9 The Karma Theory 72
10 Astrology and Law of Karma 78
11 Why Belief in Destiny? 93
  Section IV  
12 Astrology and Science 125
13 Astrology and Psychology 130
  Self Evaluation 137

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