Generalities- Additions from C.B. Knerr's Repertory and Other Works
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Generalities- Additions from C.B. Knerr's Repertory and Other Works

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Publisher: Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788192084008
Pages: 350
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A project on "Review and Revision of Kent's Repertory in relation to other works" had been undertaken by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) earlier. Under this project, nine chapters, viz. 'Mind', 'Teeth', 'Mouth', 'Eye & Vision', 'Ear & Hearing', 'Nose', 'Throat', 'Face', 'Larynx & Trachea, Respiration, Cough, Expectoration and Chest' have been published till now in which the additions were mainly made from William Boericke's Repertory. The current work has been undertaken to review the chapter 'GENERALITIES' of Kent's Repertory (Kunzli's edition) and to make the additions mainly from the sub-chapters of C. B. Knerr's Repertory related to 'Generalities' . This is the tenth in the series of such documentation with reference to revision of Kent's Repertory, published by CCRH.

For this work, a comparative study of the chapter 'GENERALITIES' of Kent's Repertorium Generale was done with the sub-chapters of C. B. Knerr's Repertory related to 'Generalities', i.e. Rest, Position, Motion; Nerves; Time; Temperature and Weather; Attacks, Periodicity; Locality and Direction; Sensation in general; Tissues; Touch, Passive motion, Injuries; Stages of life and Constitution. Additions of new rubrics/sub-rubrics/medicines were recommended for inclusion in the chapter 'GENERALITIES' after verifying the same from the source books like Hering's Guidingsymptoms, Allen's Encyclopedia, Materia Medica Pura, etc. keeping in view Kent's philosophical background and plan of construction of his repertory. Besides, some of the medicines have also been included from other sources like 'Drugs of Hindoosthan' by S. C. Ghose and 'Boger's additions to Kent's Repertory' by C. M. Boger supported by the clinical experiences of the experts. These additions are indicated through the respective superscripted numbers.

  1. The particulars of the additions made in this book are clarified below:
  2. The sub-rubrics are arranged in the order as in Kent's Repertory, i.e. S (Sides), T (Time), M (Modalities) and E (Extension).

  3. 2 The names & abbreviations of the medicines given in earlier CCRH publications are followed in this book to maintain uniformity. Some medicines which were not in the list of medicines/abbreviations of CCRH publications/Kunzli's Repertory, are added in this book.
  4. While adding medicines from Knerr's Repertory, Kent's gradation patterns are adopted as given below:

Gradation of Medicines in Knerr’s repertoryGradation of medicines in Kent’s repertory Marks as per Kents Repertory
I I (double thick line) Bold3 (First Grade)
I (single thick line) Italic3 (Second Grade)
I & I I (single & double thin lines) Roman1 (Third Grade)

The initial alphabet of the first medicine under a rubric has been shown in capital letter. The initial alphabets of the first grade medicines are given in capital letters while the initial alphabets of second and third grade medicines are not in capitals. An extracts from the book is given below to show the presentation of medicines and their gradations under the rubrics.

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