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Gotama Buddha

Gotama Buddha
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Author: Kenneth J. Saunders
Publisher: Black & White Publishers
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8189320114
Pages: 113
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7.3" X 5.0"
From the Jacket

Gotama Buddha's influence after the lapse of 26 centuries is still a mighty force in the world. The modern world, with its passionate belief in organization and in wealth, may learn much from Gotama. According to the author, "Here was a man who, without setting up an elaborate organization, despising wealth and trusting only the contagion of great ideas, exerted an influence which is still potent in the heart of half the human race.

In this biography of Buddha, Gotama the man stands and breathes again. It is captivating in its combination of scholarly accuracy with undisguised admiration for the majestic character of Gotama. It will enable the reader of rise above prejudice and recognize in Gotama one of the world's noblemen, a rare lover of his kind, a hater of sham, a seeker after the unknown God.

About the Author

Kenneth J. Saunders, authors of the Story of Buddhism and Buddhist Ideals and editor of the Buddha's Way of Virtue and The Heart of Buddhism, was Literary Secretary, Y.M.C.A., India, Burma and Ceylon.

Foreword vii
Introduction 1
I The Early Life of Gotama 6
II Quest and Conquest 17
III Gotama at the Height of his Power 34
IV The Daily Life of Gotama and his Disciples 49
V The Old Age and Death of Gotama 63
VI The Secret of Gotama 75
VII Gotama as Teacher 86
Appendix I St. Francis and Gotama 103
Appendix II Notes on Nibbana 108
Appendix III Two Ideals in the Pali Books 111

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