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Hand Book of Aromatherapy

Hand Book of Aromatherapy
Item Code: IDJ359
Author: Dr. Ravi Ratan
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788120831117
Pages: 222 (Illustrated Throughout In Color & B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 11.0 inch X 8.5 inch
About the Author

Dr. Ratan is one of the most qualified aromatherapist in India. He achieved his Masters of Science in Zoology and later added another Masters degree in Business Administration. He belongs to a lineage of healers and teachers and thus had a great desire to be a healer. He has been in the field of manufacturing perfume and perfumery products, since more than 20 years wherein he had been dealing with the reconstituted oils, till he realized the healing potential of the natural essential oils. Aromatherapy which initially was started as a commercial venture in 1992 became his passion, wherein he worked on the healing and therapeutic potential of various essential oils on physical as well as psychological level. Motivated by the successful results in healing and healthcare he indulged into exhaustive work on complete body therapy, which became the focal point of his thesis for D. Sc. (Medicina Alternativa), a part of this has been incorporated in this F.M’s Handbook of Aromatherapy. Dr. Ravi Ratan has also done extensive clinical and research work using essential oils for health and healing, specially of unhealing ulcers, wounds and sores, besides creating an aroma workout regimen for physical body, focusing on problems of each body area. Identifying causes and aromatherapy solution for the same. He has trained over a thousand beauticians, alternative therapists and health club professionals in the field of aromatherapy. In his practice of aromatherapy Dr. Ratan has combined the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern aromatherapy principles- Vedic Aromatherapy and created various blends for health and healings. Prominent amongst these are his anointments for seven Chakras (the body’s energy centers) which have been found very effective in restoring the healthy balance of mind, body, spirit. They have been used effectively by Dr. Minoo Ratan, a practicing psyco-aromatherapist and healer, for treatment of various psychosomatic disorders and other chronic conditions, her fundamentals of five elements and three gunas (properties) have been used to select various essential oils for Chakra healing and balancing.

Besides providing therapies and healing including emotional release work, he has been conducting regular training programs and workshops on Aromatherapy (Basic & Advance), Chakras & Crystals Healing and Aroma Massages with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) in India, USA, UK, Canada, Dubai & Australia. He has been approved by “National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work” USA to provide Continuing education hours. His training has benefited budding aromatherapists, massage therapists, healers and other health professionals.

Dr. Ravi is well supported in his work by his wife Dr. Minoo Ratan, a Psycho aromatherapist and counselor. Both Dr. Ravi & Minoo Ratan have done extensive healing work in Vedic aromatherapy, using essential oils for Chakras energizing and harmonizing. Together they have authored “JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRAS” a colorful informatory book on Chakras and its associated attributed explained in detail along with process of disease and healing methods,. Dr. Ravi & Minoo Ratan have presented aromatherapy in various press and TV media from time to time. Dr. Ratan also patronizes FM’s Aromatherapists club, having more than 1000 members. In spite of his busy schedule Dr. Ratan also provides consultancy for set up of wellness of rejuvenation centers mainly using aromatherapy in combination of other holistic therapies like Yoga, Meditation, breathing techniques, Naturopathy as a major tool, besides providing training for massage therapists and healers.


Today the world over, alternative and complementary therapies are being re-invoked and reestablished to enable mankind to regain the lost healthfulness of life. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective and safe complementary therapy, which can be used in conjunction with almost all other therapies and systems of healing. It works on us at physical, physiological and psychological levels.

Most human ailments begin in the mind. It is an established fact that psychosomatic disorders (PSD) are in fact responsible for a great share of OTC medications, mainly for stress, anxiety and depression. Psychotherapy deals in harmonizing the agonized mind while aromatherapy acts as a support system for the mind as well as the diseased physical body and physiology. Empirical studies with aromatherapy has shown, that it is most effective in increasing the body’s immune level. The essential oils, used in aromatherapy are providing the necessary support to immune system and help the body to fight back. Most of the essential oils are antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, while some are anti-fungal, rejuvenators, hormone balancing, diuretic or with other specialized properties.

Coming from a family of medical practitioners, I had always been interested in healing aspect of the essential oils. The interest in mystical world of essential oils has grown each time they have given a result better than expected, some of my clients called miraculous results, especially for the treatment of chronic conditions like bed sores, un-healing ulcers, post operative recovery etc. Meanwhile my wife Dr. Minoo, a practicing psycho-aromatherapist, had been giving me feedbacks on various combinations/formulations done by me for her patients, mainly for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders. This third edition of the “Handbook of Aromatherapy” has got the sprinkle of not only our experience in treatment of various disorders, also from various students in the field of health and healing.

Another dimension of essential oils, I explored, had been in their use with Ayurvedic principles for healing and balancing the CHAKRAS. The anointments are created using the elements and gunas (properties) of the plants can also be used for treating physical, physiological and psychosomatic disorders. Minoo & I had been using them effectively for treating various psychosomatic as well as physiological conditions.

This book has been designed to give comprehensive knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy to the beginners as well as professionals. It has been divided into four sections; the first section covers the Materia Medica i.e. essential and carrier oils in detail, followed by a section on aromatherapy applications and methods of use. The third section is devoted to aromatic body and beauty therapy including case history taking and analyzing the conditions to be focused. For the convenience and understanding, this section covers each part of the body (head to toe) separately, to analyze the problems, causes and aromatherapy solutions for the same. Last section covers treatment of common ailments, detailed information on Evening Primrose oil (one of my favourite oils for well-being) and a ready reference guide of therapeutic uses of essential oils. Hope the readers will be able to make use of the knowledge I have tried to impart through this book.

Back of the Book

This book will serve as a guide to beginners as well as the practitioners of aromatherapy, whether for skin, hair and beauty care or in the field of health care and healing practices. The book is divided into four sections. The first section covers Materia Medica i.e. Essential and base oils. Second section covers methods of Blending and applications. Aromatic body and beauty therapy is covered in third section where each and every body part problem analyzed, aromatherapy solution suggested. The Fourth sections focuses on treatment of common ailments with aromatherapy oils followed by ready reference guide for essential oils used.

(A Complete Guide to Essential & Carrier Oils, Their Application & Therapeutic Use for Holistic Health & Well being).


1Understanding Aromatherapy 2
2 History of Aromatherapy 3
3 Nature of Essential Oils 6
4 How Essential Oils Works 7
5 Aroma Chemistry 9
6 Therapeutic Effect of Various Essential Oils components 13
7 Volatility of Essential oils 14
8 Extraction Methods 15
9 Quality Control Of Essential Oils 19
10 Concepts of Purity 25
11 Plant Families 27
12 Profile Of Important Essential Oils 29
13 Profile of other Important essential oils 57
14 Carriers and Carrier Oils 81
15 Compendium of Vegetable oils (Fatty Acids Chart) 83
16 Commonly used Carrier Oils 84
1 Aromatherapy Oils Blending. 93
2 Aromatherapy applications 96
3 Safety Guildelines 107
4 Using aromatherapy with other therapies 110
5 50 easy ways to use aromatherapy Essential oils 112
1 Understanding skin. 119
2 Care for the skin 123
3 Essential Oils & our Lymphatic System 124
4 Our body and body problems. 126
a) The Face 128
b) Head & Hair Care 138
c) The Breasts 142
d) The Back & Shoulders 146
e) Tummy, Waist & Abdomen 149
f) Thighs & Buttocks 153
g) Knees, ankles & Feet 157
h) Upper arms, Elbows & Neck 161
i) Hand & Nail Care 166
1 First aid & muscular problem 172
2 Pain Relief with essential oils 175
3 Infectious & respiratory Illnesses 178
4 Stress Related conditions 182
5 Women, Pregnancy and Children 186
6 Beauty Skin & Hair Care 193
7 Skin Conditions 197
8 Evening Primrose oil-panacea for health & health-fullness 201
Appendix I – Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils. 211
Appendix – II – Glossary of Names 219
Bibliography 221

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