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Handbook of Homoeopathy

Handbook of Homoeopathy
Item Code: IDH510
Author: Dr. Shirin Wadia
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8172249616
Pages: 243
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
From the Back of the Book

Homoeopathy is no new science. Its efficacy is accepted all over the world and more and more people are turning towards it, especially in these times when food adulteration, pollution, adverse drug reactions and so on are facts of everyday life.

Homoeopaths take a holistic view of human sickness. A specific sickness may be an emanation of a broader health or psychological issue. In contrast to traditional allopathic physicians, homoeopaths thus spend a tremendous amount of time in studying a patient's family history, symptoms, living environment and general personality.

In Handbook of Homoeopathy, Dr. Wadia describes how the application of homeopathy and the homoeopathic method can help readers to take care of their own health and the health of their families. She provides detailed descriptions and prescriptions by which readers can use homoeopathy to address common ailments like wounds, cramps and fatigue, and chronic illnesses like acne, anal fissures, spondylosis and tooth decay.

Patients practicing homoeopaths, consultants, students, housewives and mothers-to-be will al find the contents of this book invaluable.

About the Author

Dr. Wadia continues a long family tradition in homoeopathy. In her own words, homeopathy is in blood. Today she is one of India's most recognized and prolific doctors of homeopathy. She has practiced her discipline for over thirty years, and is attached to several prominent clinics including Ozanam Clinc, the Spastic Society of India.

Foreword Dr. S.R. Wadia
Introduction Dr. Svati Dave
Preface Dr. Shirin Wadia
Chapter 1 Homoeopathy a Complete medical science Why homoeopathy 1
Chapter 2 Healing is always at hand Home Kit 7
Chapter 3 Home is the warrior Bruises and Wounds 11
Chapter 4 Slits and cracks chapped Skin 15
Chapter 5 Going bump in the morning Shaving Bumps 17
Chapter 6 Hurry, curry and worry Mental Tension 21
Chapter 7 You can never be dead tired Tiredness 24
Chapter 8 Let's be tough with dandruff 28
Chapter 9 Even your best friend won't tell you Bad Breath 32
Chapter 10 Goodbye to travel sickness 37
Chapter 11 Examination tips from a Doctor 41
Chapter 12 A corny affair 46
Chapter 13 Let not your style be cramped 50
Chapter 14 That food's poison for me 54
Chapter 15 For that school girl complexion A natural cure for acne 58
Chapter 16 A hairy affair 62
Chapter 17 Let's see your nails 66
Chapter 18 Don't poke your nose 70
Chapter 19 Check your posture you're your poise 75
Chapter 20 When lying in bed is a problem 79
Chapter 21 Don't be a gumboil 83
Chapter 22 Don't take chances with Herpes 87
Chapter 23 When it gets on your nerves 91
Chapter 24 Don't be a bag of old bones 94
Chapter 25 Homoeopathy's unique way with skin allergies 99
Chapter 26 Flush away your plaque 103
Chapter 27 When teeth trouble tiny tots 107
Chapter 28 When it pains where it hurts most 111
Chapter 29 Laugh your warts away 115
Chapter 30 It can happen to the best of us 118
Chapter 31 Smile those pregnancy blues away 122
Chapter 32 Problems during Pregnancy 126
Chapter 33 Having a baby: As easy as pie 132
Chapter 34 Don't worry, be happy 135
Chapter 35 Give your baby a healthy start in life 141
Chapter 36 When the baby cries 149
Chapter 37 Your baby needs special care 154
Chapter 38 Nappy rash 161
Chapter 39 Asthma in children and Adolescents 166
Chapter 40 Black Eye 179
Chapter 41 Chicken Pox 182
Chapter 42 Cold Allergies 187
Chapter 43 Diarrhea in Infants 193
Chapter 44 Measles 197
Chapter 45 Monsoon Cold Allergies 203
Chapter 46 Night Terrors 206
Chapter 47 Nose bleed in children 209
Chapter 48 Respiratory Syncytial Virus 214
Chapter 49 Pin Point Prescriptions 219
Index 223

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