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Handbook of Tanpura (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)

Handbook of Tanpura (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)
Item Code: IHJ079
Author: Pankaj+Vishal
Publisher: Pankaj Publications, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788190613927
Pages: 96 (18 B/W Illustrations
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.3 inch
weight of book 180 gms.

The tradition of music in our country is as old as the civilization of this country itself. Music is considered to have a divine origin and one which brings its practitioner very close to God. But later it came to be presumed that music is inborn quality given by god himself and therefore it can not be learned here on this earth. One may be trained in music and excel provided there is genetic support. But it is not a universal fact. One can learn everything with proper sincerity and devotion.

Keeping this in mind we would like to introduce to the readers one of the most important instruments of Indian Music the Tanpura. Although it is into meant for playing as a solo instrument it certainly occupies a prominent place in the field of music especially vocal. This is the reason that compelled us to familiarize the readers with something more about this instrument.

This book gives a sound idea of the history development and basics of the instrument to begin with and then facilities the reader in motivating his or her interest to know further and learn about this wonderful instrument.

This book takes care of the inquisitiveness of beginners and points out the salient areas of this field in a friendly and simple manner.

Any suggestion for improvements of this book are welcome.




Preface v
Translator’s Note vi
Part 1: The Tanpura- Then & Now 9-22
The Tanpura 11
History & Development 13
Drones in Indian Music 17
Indian String instruments 20
Part 2: Theory of Music 23-52
The Indian Music System 25
Lay (Tempo or Speed) 35
Taal (The Rhythm) 38
Indian Music Notation system 44
Western Notation System 46
Points to Remember for Combined Notation System 51
Part 3: Know the Tanpura 53-66
Various Types of Tanpura 55
Parts of a Tanpura 60
Making of a Tanpura 64
Part 4: Playing the Tanpura 67-72
Sitting Position 69
Important Tips while playing the Tanpura 71
Part 5: Sounds 73-78
Playing Technique 75
Part 6: Tuning the Tanpura 79-86
Tuning 81
Tips for Tuning Tanpura 85
Part 7: Maintenance of Tanpura 87-91
Repairs & Maintenance of Tanpura 89
Tips for Buying a Tanpura 91

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