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The Head That Won't Stand (A Woman's Journey of Letting Go with Yoga)

The Head That Won't Stand (A Woman's Journey of Letting Go with Yoga)
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Author: Kavita Chandran
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788183284844
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 250 gms
About the Author

An enjoyable yoga memoir that makes the perfect connection between the body and the mind. Baron Baptiste, international yoga teacher and bestselling author a bunch of smart, enterprising women from different corners of the globe.

What links them is thirst for rediscovering themselves.

What brings them together is a yoga shaala in Mysore run by a young, stringent and scrupulous guru.

The book unravels the endearin stories of transformation of the yoginis-in trying to get their heads around yoga understanding its true worth as their past pains are restored, the present is embraced and the future no longer seems a blur.

There is indeed a story on every man!

Kavita Chandran is the editor and publisher of Yoga Journal Singapore. She worked with Reuters, Bloomberg and CNBC as a financial journalist for twenty years before taking the plunge to bring her love for yoga and writing together. She was born in India and has lived in the United States. Europe and Asia. A graduate of Columbia University, she now resides in Singapore with her husband and two daughters.



The book captures a month, as well as years, of stories that inspired the author and her peers to alter their perception and embrace the yoga mat as a way to reach out to the spiritual world. It is a compilation of real stories of many women from all parts of the world-women who are ambitious, enterprising and converged in a yoga studio in Mysore, a spiritual city in Karnataka in southern India. It is a narrative explanation for those who want the question answered- why did they end up in a yoga studio?

At a time when women are transitioning into a role that balances aspirations and tradition, they also face an onslaught of undertakings-some bestowed by past custom and convention, others by their own ways, they reach out to any medium that helps them balance their complex surroundings and deal with dilemmas and difficulties along the way. The yoga mat is just one such medium.

The book details the author’s personal experiences and the contents are expressions and opinions of the author. While the benefits of yoga have been echoed by many around the globe, the advice and strategies for holistic healing in the book carry no warranty of success. Each individual is different in their approach. These are stories of women who took to the mat for reasons that fit their purpose. While all stories are true to the best of the author’s knowledge, some names and places have been changed to protect the privacy of the characters.


Acknowledgements ix
Preface xiii
Guru Shaala 1
Space 6
Yoginis 11
#108 15
Ashtanga Decoded 22
connecting, Living the Moment 29
Wake Up! 34
My (Pain) Body,My Mind 36
Prayer and Pranayama 44
Shaila's Kiichen 51
Om Shandthi 55
Anatomy 59
Hanna 62
Seven Stages 70
Lord Ganesha 73
Head (that wouldn's) Stand 76
Ciara 81
Santhosha 89
Ayurveda 93
Sonika 99
Sacred Sanskrit 105
Ha-Tha 109
Sound of silence 112
Jane and Elsie 115
Age No Bar 121
Om… 126
Emotions Amok 130
Veronica 132
"Drop Out" 138
Dreams and Fears 142
My Mother, My Strength 146
Devotion 155
Celebration 161
Surya Namaskaras 168
Taming the Mind 171
The Toast 175
Leap of Faith 178
A Fresh Start 183
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