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Healing Power of Mantra (The Wisdom of Tibetan Healing Science)

Healing Power of Mantra (The Wisdom of Tibetan Healing Science)
Item Code: IHD013
Author: Dr. Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso
Publisher: Drungtso Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8190139568
Pages: 224 (Illustrated Thoughout In B/W and Color)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.1” X 5.4”
Author’s Note

Drungtso Healing and Astrological Centre is committed to preserving, promoting and providing high-quality services and courses on Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. Our Fully-qualified instructors maintain the highest standards of tuition, and our safety record is second to none. Everyone who takes course and services from Drungtso Healing and Astrological Centre enjoys a rewarding and memorable experience, the benefits of which will last a lifetime.

Drungtso Healing Centre course have been available internationally since 1998. Courses in India may last from a week to a month. Long term residential certificate courses and teaching is a available to serious students from the ages of 16 to 50, years.

Drungtso Healing Centre is also actively involved in the publication of books related to Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. This book is part of our ongoing project, which aims to plant a seed and open the eyes of the many young practitioners who might not get the opportunity explore these rich wisdom and healing techniques.

My intention in writing this book is to learn myself and to share what I have learned, ad to lead those who appreciate my work and who share similar spiritual goals, I hope that many kinds of individual and social problems can be solved only with the experience and wisdom of Tibet explained in this book. Should anyone ever long for a place to rest their mind, here is their chance – to study this book in detail. This book simply acts as a window and a mirror, where we can look at our true being with great simplicity. It offers simple meditation techniques and guidance for our spiritual journey that will awaken healing energies in the body and mind. It is my great hope that this book will benefit those who want to preserve good health, as well as those who need comfort and relief from physical illness and mental grief.

This book emphasises that happiness is never going to come from purely physical forms, as happiness is a state of mind. Genuine peace and happiness has nothing to do with a physical place, it has to do with our mind, how to revel our Buddha nature and how to attain that state. The present book also shows us how to develop more wisdom and compassion, and how to face problems rather than run away from them. The book draws the conclusion that everything is potentially healing and beneficial if we are open-minded and have a clear understanding of our own Buddha nature. Let us be our own healer and master!


Back of The Book

This book provides a fascinating insight into Tibetan Medicine and introduces the reader to a little known area of spiritual practice and healing. Never before has this subject been published in such comprehensive detail.

This book has the potential to profoundly transform your world-view. The writer discusses where destructive emotions come from, how the human mind is shaped and how these impulses can be transformed.

According to Tibetan Medicine, illness is viewed as an imbalance not only within the physical body but also within the spiritual body.

The author emphasises the power of healing achieved through the means of meditation, breathing exercises, prayer and the chanting of mantras. The implications of the many Mind-Body researches found in this book creates a new awareness of how we can positively impact our own personal health, both on a physical and spiritual level.

In this book, Dr. Drungtso offers readers a clear understanding of authentic Tantra and appropriate guidance on how to create wholeness in Mind, Body and Spirit and the attainment of higher consciousness.




  Acknowledgements vii
  Author’s Note viii
  The Paradox of Our Age xi
  Prayer to the Nine Guardian Deities of Medicine xiii
  Part One  
  Homage to the Medicine Buddha 17
  About the Medicine Buddha 18
  Description of the Medicine Buddha Mandala 21
  Who is the Medicine Buddha? 29
  The Twelve Known Prayer of the Medicine Buddha 31
  The Core Features of the Medicine Buddha 43
  Auspicious Days for the Medicine Buddha Practice 44
  The Medicine Buddha Empowerment 45
  The Medicine Buddha Sadhana 46
  How to Recite the Medicine Buddha Mantra 49
  The Medicine Buddha’s Dharani 51
  The Medicine Buddha Seed Syllable and Mantra 53
  The Meaning of the Medicine Buddha Mantra 54
  Merits Acquired from the Medicine Buddha Practice 58
  How to Medicine on Medicine Buddha? 60
  Excerpt from the Teaching on Medicine Buddha Practice 62
  Part Two  
  The Eight Medicine Buddhas 64
  The Appearance of the Eight Medicine Buddha 70
  The Five Buddha Families 71
  Life of Guru Rinpoche- The Master of Healing 73
  Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche 74
  Part Three  
  Spiritual Dimensions of Tibetan Healing 77
  The Role of Mantras in Healing 80
  How to Use Mantras in Meditation 83
  Part Four  
  Buddhist Motivation for Meditation 85
  Calm Abiding, Shamatha 88
  Special Insight, Vipassana 92
  Meditation for Healing Mind and Body 94
  Sequential Method to Develop the Meditation 96
  Benefits of Meditation Practice 98
  Breathing and Visualization 103
  Breathing and Meditation to Achieve Optimum Health 106
  Meditation Practice as a Way of Loosening our Rigidity 108
  Excerpt from the Teaching on Meditation Practice 111
  Part Five  
  How to Release Afflictive Emotions 115
  The Art of Healing 120
  How to Overcome Fear 123
  Provisional Methods for Dealing with Fear 125
  How to Overcome Depression 127
  Part Six  
  What Distinguishes an Enlightened Being From an Ordinary Being 132
  Bringing the Mind Home 136
  rLung – Bridging Life and Death 145
  rTsa-rLung-Thigle – Channels, Breath and Drops 147
  The Practice of Mind-Body Medicine 165
  Part Seven  
  The Long Life Mantra 169
  Prayer to the Three Long Life Deities 170
  Part Eight  
  Refuge Prayer 181
  Tab Chak Khyung Sun Prayer and Mantra 182
  Chenrezi Mantra and Prayer 191
  Green Tara Mantra and Prayer 196
  The Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche 200
  Healing Various Diseases through Chanting Mantra 203
  Prayer for the Long Life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 205
  References 207
  Excerpts from Letters Sent to the Author 211
  About the Author 219

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