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Healing with Colour (Using natural energies to accelerate and strengthen body's healing processes)

Healing with Colour (Using natural energies to accelerate and strengthen body's healing processes)
Item Code: IDE982
Author: Mary Bassano
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8122202918
Pages: 114 (Figures: 7)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.2" X 4.7"
From the Jacket :

Magic Sublime: It is recorded that ancient Egyptians bounced light off prisms and used the seven spectrum colours to heal body, mind and spirit. Ancient civilisations of India and China understood the negative and the positive, the stimulating an the depressing, effects of colour on human body and used them effectively to rejuvenate and heal.

And how it works: Each colour has its own unique effect which can be used for healing and restoring body's natural balance and harmony.

The author discusses how colours promote a feeling of well-being; explains why certain colours energize the body while other stimulate the mind; why some are effective in raising spiritual consciousness while others in developing intuitive powers; which colours enhance confidence levels and self-worth, or influence the feelings of love and hate; and how colours directly effect energy levels in people exhausted by chronic illness.

The practical aspects of colour and music therapy are placed within easy grasp of everyone. Anyone can learn to facilitate and accelerate the healing processes by using the latent vibrations present in music and colour energies.

About the Author:

Mary Bassano works as a colour/music therapist and teaches classes on how to use colour, music and other metaphysical concepts to achieve a balanced life. She is a trained social worker and has worked for various US child welfare agencies. Combining her social work skills with her music background, she later became a music therapist in a large hospital. Here the correlation of colours to music tones entered the picture. This led to many in-depth workshops and the eventual writing of this book. Healing with Colour and Music has been translated into Portuguese, Hebrew and Chinese.

Dr Bassano continues to hold weekly classes in metaphysics and gives frequent colour/music workshops and lectures.


1.Philosophy and Background11
2.You Are a Musical Instrument19
3.Colours, Aura, and Healing29
4.Red: The Energizer37
5.Orange: Warm and Invigorating45
6.Yellow: Stimulating Emotions and Intellect50
7.Green: Nature's Master Healer54
8.Blue: For Tranquility and Meditation59
9.Indigo: For Healing Within65
10.Violet: For Spiritual Dimension70
11.Pastels and Iridescences75
12.Manifesting Universal Energies80
13.Techniques of Colour Healing93


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