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Hindu Zodiac and Ancient Astronomy

Hindu Zodiac and Ancient Astronomy
Item Code: IDF480
Author: K. Chandra Hari
Publisher: Sri Sabarigiri Publications
Pages: 483
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.7" X 7.2"
From the Jacket :

Chandra Hari presents a new picture of Indian antiquity and the scientific foundations of India's esoteric wisdom. This book is a brief voyage through the intricate corridors of Indian history, astronomy, epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, Vedas and the Tantric religion and all across the discussion is replete with novel insights that demands basic changes in our established notions on Indian antiquity, history of Jyotihsastra and above all the mathematical and physical rationale of the Hindu sidereal zodiac.

Rationales that haven't been apparent even during the times of Aryabhata and Varahamihira (AD 500) have been shown to be the basis of the Hindu sidereal zodiac - the Tantric conception of esoteric Time or Kalacakra. Epic and Puranic mythology finds a new interpretation that unlocks the doors of mysterious Indian antiquity that has defied even archaeological attempts for a precise definition. Astronomical decipherment of the Iconography of Siva, the Mahakala of Tantric conception, yields 4137 BC as the founding epoch of ancient longitude of 2400 is shown to be the fiduciary star of the Rasicakram and accordingly the vernal equinox transited the zero point in AD 233. These conclusions meet further corroboration in the analysis of Suryasiddhanta according to which the original epoch of Siddhantic astronomy was Caitrasukla (1) of AD 231 that coincided with the vernal equinox.

Apart from answers for all controversies related to Zodiac, the work presents the first ever correct astronomical dating of redactions of both Ramayana and Mahabharata and explains the absence of material culture (archaeological findings of the epics locations) that answers the epic profile of Ayodhya, Indraprastha, Kuruksetra etc. This is a work indispensable for all those who have interest in Indian astronomy, astrology, antiquity and Hindu religion and also to those engaged in historical research.


I.Antiquity of Jyotihasastra1
1.Mystery of the beginning and 18 Acaryas3
2.Origin of the Babylonian zodiac8
IIHistory of Indian Civilization12
1.Scholarly views on ancient Indian History14
2.Indus valley civilization22
3.Intricacy of Indian Chronology25
4.Historicity of Aryabhata Tradition29
5.Controversy of Saka Era - Invalid astronomical evidences32
6.Date of Bharata War - Prof. P.C. Sengupta33
7.Date of the Buddha and Sankara34
8.What we must note35
9.History of science37
III.Siddhantic Astronomy41
1.Modern interpretations & Controversies43
2.Originality of Hindu Astronomy and its Sidereal Character51
3.Rationale of the Yugas55
4.Synodic Super-conjunction of Kaliyugadi58
5.Epoch of Siddhantic Astronomy and Zero point60
1.Ayanamsa controversy65
2.CRC Report-A Discussion67
3.Absurdity of the Recommended Initial Point72
4.Notable observations on Ayanamsa74
V.True Sidereal Zodiac84
1.An Intuitive Solution86
2.Suryasiddhanta and Sidereal Zodiac87
3.Evidence of the Constant Mean Anomaly91
4.Physical rationale of the Initial Point93
VI.Tantric Astronomy96
1.A historical Perspective of Indian Antiquity98
2.Kala Cakra or Wheel of Time102
3.Agarahayani and Mula110
4.Ancient Astronomical Conflicts & Allegories112
5.Origin of Tithi121
6.Sidereal Zodiac - An astronomical Phenomenon127
7.Vedanga Jyotisa and 19 Year Cycle131
8.Astronomical and Historical Evidences132
VII.Mystery of Time, Destiny and Tantra134
1.Mystery of Time136
2.Uniqueness of Man138
3.The Scientific Foundations of the Hindu Way of Life140
4.Descent of Man142
5.Hallmark of Human evolution from Hominids-Astronomical or Cultural?143
6.Biological Evolution versus Time144
7.Man's Conquest of Time145
8.Tantrasastra - Discovery of Kundalini145
9.Tantra and Veda - No conflict157
10.Origin of astronomy and Agamas159
11.On Phallus worship161
12.Worship of the Serpent163
13.Tantrik versus Astronomical tradition in Kerala165
14.Jyotisa, Mantra and Tantra166
15.Tantrik Anatomy and Astronomy168
16.Secret of Kundalini173
VIII.Vedic Astronomy184
1.Salient Features186
2.Syamasastri on Vedic Calendar193
3.Daftari's Discoveries197
4.Mythology of the Constellations-Vedic Connection205
5.Vedic astronomy versus Chronology224
IX.Astronomical basis of Hindu Religion226
1.Calendar based religion228
2.Durga Puja [Navaratri]244
X.Astronomy of Epics253
2.Mahabharata and Ramayana - Date of creation260
3.Calitra Navami of Ramayana264
4.Book of Genesis - Real Beginning of Mahabharata268
5.Genesis of Rama in Ramayana274
XI.On the Touchstone of Established Notions279
1.Controversial Genesis of Muladhara Zodiac283
2.On Prehistoric Indian Astronomy285
3.Search for an Ancient Epoch of Indian Astronomy290
4.Sidereal zero point-a Mathematical Solution293
5.Ancient Indian versus Babylonian Astronomy293
XII.Astronomical Interpretation of Mythology345
Paper I: Indradhvaja - A Pointer towards Vedic Antiquity
2.Varahamihira and Sengupta on Indrhvaja348
3.Indra's identity as Summer Solstice350
4.Evidence for the Observation of Solstices351
5.Indradhvaja-A Remnant of Vedic Gnomon354
6.Similarity to the Legend of 'Uparicara Vasu'357
7.Speculations about Kasyapa and Aditi358
8.Indra-masa, Onam of Kerala, Intercalation at Summer Solstice358
Paper II: Date of Krsna and the Mahabharata War
2.Continuous Tradition but Anomalous History364
3.Nature of the Literary Evidence - Epics and Puranas365
4.Astronomical Identification of Mythical Personages367
5.Date of Birth of Lord Krsna368
6.Evolution of Mahabharata and Nature of Astronomical References373
7.A New Approach to the Interpretation of Mahabharata375
8.A Critical War Diary376
9.Year of Bharata War378
10.Astro-mythological Validation of the Epoch379
11.War Calendar vis-a-vis Constellational Belt382
12.Change over from 28 to 27 Naksatras384
13.Antiquity of Vedic Astronomy386
14.Riddle of Puranic chronology387
15.Planetary Astronomy in Prehistoric Times388
I.India - Original Home of the Zodiac391
1.Recent Expositions on Ancient Mysteries391
2.Ancient Mysteries and Astronomy392
3.Speculations on the Wisdom Underlying the Great Pyramid394
4.Epoch of 10450 BC - Zero of Time?398
5.Great Pyramid - Zero Point of the Geo-Zodiac401
II.Intricacy of Indian Chronology - A Reappraisal411
2.Date of Gautama Buddha413
3.Date of Adi Sankaracarya415
4.Date of Kalidasa420
5.Epoch of Vikramaditya422
6.Saptarsi Cycle - Bogus Astronomical Conception423
7.Yudhisthira Era425
8.3138 BC - Fictious year of Bharata War429
9.Vedic Connection of Bharata Episodes431
10.Other indications of Epoch in War Diary432
11.Epoch of Visvamitra and Sakuntala439
12.14 Years of Rama's Exile, 964 BC - 950 BC440
13.Alternate Mythological Interpretation of the Course of Rama441
14.Location of the Puranic Cities444
15.Short Notes on Controversies445
III.Concepts of Astronomy456
IV.Sidereal Zodiac - Astronomical Phenomenon?474
V.Ayanamsa Values476

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