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The Hitopadesha (An Ancient, Fabled Classic)

The Hitopadesha (An Ancient, Fabled Classic)
Item Code: IDH146
Author: G.L. Chandiramani
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8172244150
Pages: 294
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.3"
About the Book

The Hitopadesh (A Beneficial advice) was probably written in 1675 A.D. by the great Hindu scholar, Narayana Pandit during the reign of King Dhavalachandra in Bengal. The Hitopadesha like the Panchatantra is written in the form of a chain of simple stories. Each story has a moral and a philosophical theme which has stood the test of time and is relevant to modern times.

The Hitopadesha guides us as to how to attain success in life by understanding human nature.

The Hitopadesha like Panchatantra has been translated into many languages of the world. It is now being translated into German and Indonesian.

Part I
Mitralabha - Acquisition of Friends
1The Story of a hunter, a crow, some doves and a mouse.
2The Story of an old tiger and a greedy traveler.
3The Story of a crow, a deer and a jackal.
4The Story of a blind vulture, some birds and a cat.
5The Story of a rich mouse and a hermit.
6The Story of a rich old husband and his young wife.
7The Story of a hunter, a deer, a pig, a snake and a jackal
8The Story of a prince, a beautiful woman and her husband.
9The Story of an elephant and a sly old jackal.
Part II
Suhridbheda - Separation of Friends
1The Story of a rich merchant, his bull, a lion and a jackal.
2The Story of the monkey who pulled out a wedge.
3The Story of a washerman, a donkey and a dog.
4The Story of a lion, a mouse and a cat.
5The Story of a monkey, a bell and a brave woman
6The Story of a holy man, a procuress and the merchant.
7The Story of a cowherdess and her two lovers.
8The Story of a family of crows and a wicked snake.
9The Story of a lion and a hare.
10The Story of the Tittibha birds and the ocean.
Part III
Vigraha - War
1The Story of the swan king and the peacock king.
2The Story of the birds and the shivering monkeys.
3The Story of the washerman and an unlucky donkey.
4The Story of a herd of elephants and an old hare.
5The Story of a kind-hearted heron and a wicked crow.
6The Story of a cunning crown and a stupid quail.
7The Story of a carriage maker, his wife and her paramour.
8The Story of a jackal who fell into an indigo vat.
9The Story of the sacrifice of Veeravara
10The Story of a Devotee, a monk and a barber.
Part IV
Sandhi - Peace
1The Story of the swans and the peacocks.
2The Story of two swans and a tortoise.
3The Story of the three fishes.
4The Story of a merchant, his wife and her paramour.
5The Story of a foolish crane, a black serpent and a mongoose.
6The Story of a sage and a mouse.
7The Story of a greedy crane and a clever crab.
8The Story of a day-dreaming Brahmin.
9The Story of two demons - Sunda and Upasunda.
10The Story of a simple-minded Brahmin and three rogues
11The Story of a snake and the stupid king of frogs.
12The Story of the Hasty Brahmin and a faithful mongoose

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