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The Human Buddha Enlightenment for the New Millennium

The Human Buddha Enlightenment for the New Millennium
Item Code: IDD375
Author: Aziz Kristof
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8120817532
Pages: 648
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" x 5.5"
(col.illus.: 2 & b&w.illus.: 22)

About the Book

The message for the New Millennium presents a vision of Awakening which reveals the human face of the Buddha. It is essential at this moment in our evolution to return to a more realistic perspective of enlightenment. Most seekers cannot relate to the concept of enlightenment for they feel intimidated by the image of the 'flawless' Buddha. Here, the Human Buddha is no longer a spiritual superman who denies natural longings, desires and human imperfections. The Human Buddha is indeed a sensitive being, a child of the Beloved like all of us. The Human Buddha openly acknowledges the gentle and vulnerable quality of his or her heart...

About the Author

Aziz is a self-realised spiritual master who de-mystifies the phenomenon of enlightenment and shows us how to reach it directly. Aziz is not a Master who is posing as a guru but a true spiritual teacher who deeply dislikes spiritual slogans and simplistic understanding of Enlightenment. As a real master, he never emphasizes his own presence but remains in the shadow of the Truth humbly representing the Ultimate.

Aziz lives in the Now in absolute presence to the present. He resides in a non-conceptual space, which cannot be grasped by the mind. One feels him to be like a living essence, perhaps even like the Tao personified. To meet him, to perceive his eyes on is immediately overwhelmed by his absolute clarity. Like a bald flame of attention he drops you hard into the immediate reality. In these moments, you feel a transmission of energy, understanding and wakefulness.


Enlightenment Beyond Traditions
Meeting the Master
The Human Buddha Teaching for the New Millennium
Model of Existence
Model of Awakening

Part One : Transmission of Awakening

     1. Seeking Freedom from the Collective Mind
     2. Unfolding the Now through the Non-dual Path
     3. Dispelling the Myth of Enlightenment
     4. The Original Questions
     5. Awakening Points to the Now
     6. The Garden of the Beloved
     7. Beyond Forgetfulness
     8. Becoming One Again
     9. Discovering the Light of Creation
   10. Doorway to the Timeless

Part Two : Awakening to the Question

I. Transcending Ignorance

     Entering the Path
     The Art of Meditation

II. Dimension of I Am

     Awakening of Awareness
     Surrender into Being
     Enlightenment of the Heart
     The Inner State

III. Dimension of the Soul

     Enlightenment to Me
     Life as a Human
     Facing the Unknown

IV. Dimension of Intelligence

     The Wisdom of Clarity
     The Nature of the Mind

V. Dimension of the Creator

     The Beloved
     The Presence of Grace
     The World of Creation

VI. Dimension of Enlightenment

     The Self Realised
     Secrets of Teaching

VII. Upon Completion

     The Human Buddha

Part Three : Autobiography of Awakening

     I Have Been Blessed....
     Explanation of Terms

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