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Ideal Daily Routine (Set of 2 Volumes)

Ideal Daily Routine (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Item Code: NAE074
Author: Dr. Anjali Mukul Gadjil & Dr. Jayan Balaji Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 180 (12 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 220 gm

Part 1:Ideal Daily Routine (Conducts before bathing and the underlying science)
Part 2: Ideal Daily Routine (Conducts while and after bathing and the underlying science)



Hindus are drifting away from Achardharma (Code of righteous conduct) prescribed by the Hindu Dharma. Following this Achardharma is the foundation of Spirituality. Every achar (General conduct) in Hindu Dharma has been created to reduce Raja-Tama components and enhance sattvikta, and get protection from distress due to negative energies through every activity. This holy text elaborates on the ideal daily routine and the underlying scientific analysis at the subtle level. This will enhance the faith of readers towards achars (Conducts) and Hindu Dharma. Our earnest prayer at the Holy feet of Shri Guru is – ‘May this Holy text be useful to the utmost extent for the readers!’



SL. No Contents  
  Sanatan's treasure of Holy texts for emancipation of entire mankind 8
  Scientific perspective of the Compilers and other 9
  Meaning of spiritual terminology 14
  Unique preface with spiritual terminology 15
  Combined preface for this Holy text series 16
1 Dinacharya: Definition, synonyms and importance 20
  Why avoid sleeping during the day 25
2 Waking up early in the morning and the Achars to be followed while still in bed 26
  Importance of waking up at Brahmamuhurt 26
  Which shlokas to recite after waking up? 28
3 Achars associated with excretory processes 37
  Where should one not urinate and defecate? 37
  Why should urine or faeces that may be lying on the road not crossed over? 37
  Why squat during urination or defecation? 46
4 Achars associated with washing of hands-feet and rinsing of mouth 49
5 Achars associated with cleansing of the teeth 53
  Use a twig of trees like neem, khair, karanj, audumbar for cleansing the teeth 53
  Use a powder prepared by mixing various Ayurvedic medicines for cleansing the teeth 55
  Cleansing the teeth with the fingers is more appropriate than cleansing them with a toothbrush? 56
  Why avoid bed-tea before rinsing the mouth? 68
6 Achars associated with sunrise 74
  Since at sunrise the percentage of Raja-Tama predominate particles in the environment is greater than the sunrays, avoid contact with sunrays 74
  Sleeping at sunrise makes us susceptible to attaining the Hell region 75
7 Achars associated with sweeping 77
  When should we sweep the house? 77
  What is the technique of sweeping with a broom? 78
  Do not strike the broom on the floor nor drag it 80
  Method of waste disposal 85
8 Achars associated with swabbing the floor 88
  When and how should the floor be swabbed? 88
  Loss incurred by using a machine for swabbing 89
  Sanatan's treasure of Holy texts for emancipation of entire mankind 8
  Scientific perspective of the Compilers and other 9
  Meaning of spiritual terminology 14
  Index of ideal daily routine (Part 1) 15
  Preface 16
  Index 16
1 Achars associated with bathing 19
  Why bathe at least in the morning if not at dawn? 26
  Why bathe after applying a scented oil or ubtan to the body? 27
  Why add a teaspoon of white crystal salt to the water used for the bath? 29
  Prayer to be recited before the bath 31
2 Achars associated with washing clothes 44
3 Achars associated with clothes 52
4 Achars associated with applying tilak 52
5 Achars associated with Sandhya 54
6 Suryanamaskar 56
7 Hom 62
8 Watering the Tulsi plant and offering obeisance 63
9 Dev-puja 63
  Importance of performing ritualistic worship of deities within an hour of bathing 64
10 Performing auspicious actions or looking at auspicious objects 66
11 Achars associated with meals 67
12 Vamakukshi (Nap) after lunch 67
13 Achars to be followed at night 74
  Avoid looking in the mirror at night 74
  Do not shout or whistle at night 76
15 Achars associated with sleep 77
16 Chanting to be done with performing certain actions or to avoid unfavourable events 78


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