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India's Historic Battles: From Alexander the Great to Kargil

India's Historic Battles: From Alexander the Great to Kargil
Item Code: IDE157
Author: Kaushik Roy
Publisher: Permanent Black
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8178241099
Pages: 217
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
From the Jacket:

Face powder came into common use through French soldiers who wanted to hide their scars, and baggy trousers were first used by American paratroopers in the Second World War. Everyday life, as well as the destinies of vast populations, are decisively affected by warfare.

Battles are central of warfare. This book describes twelve great battles which changed the course of India's history. The book takes recent researches into technology, military theory and demography into account; the author also moves freely across space and time in his analyses. Could Paurava and Alexander's clash on the Jhelum in 326 BC have anything in common with the Normandy landings of June 1944? Do events in 1557, when Hemu was fighting the Mughals, remind us of the Siege of Leningrad in 1943? Was the Japanese response to Netaji's INA affected by the presence of Chiang Kai Sheik?

Each chapter analyses the weapons, leadership, strategy, soldiers' experience of battles, and much else. Alternative scenarios are outlined to ask if the outcome could have differed if other tacties were used.

A detailed bibliographical essay provides a starting point for those interested in pursuing battles beyond this book.

About the Author:

Kaushik Roy, who specializes in the military history of India, is a Junior Fellow at the Center fro Contemporary Studies, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. His articles have been published in journals like War in History, and Journal of Military History. He is the author of From Hydaspes to Kargil: A History of Warfare in India.


List of Abbreviationsxii
Map: Decisive Battles Fought in Indiaxvii
1Phalanx against Rathas and Hastis: The Battle of Jhelum, 326 BC
From Ritualistic Warfare to Real Warfare / June 326 BC / Alternate History: Alexander Defeated / Legacy of the Battle of Jhelum / Conclusion
2Crescent over Hindustan: The Second Battle of Tarain, AD 1192
The Rajputs against the Jehadis / Tarain: The Equestrian Engagement / Counterfactual History: Rajput Blitzkrieg New Effect / Conclusion
3The Men on Horseback: The First Battle of Panipat, 21 April 1526
From Rags to Riches / 21 April 1526: Carnage / Fatal Friday for lbrahim: Accident or a Historical Inevitability? / Conclusion
4Chance in History: The Second Battle of Panipat 5 November 1556
Enter General Hemu / Darkness at Noon for the Mughals / 5 November 1556: Enter Goddess Fortuna / Exit, Hemu
5Abdali's Organ Pipes: The Third Battle of Panipat, 14 January 1761
The Marathas in the Indus / Nemesis: Prelude to Panipat / A Long Day: 14 January 1761 / Parallel History: Attritional Warfare by the Marathas / Consequence
6Red Phoenix Rising: Buxar, 23 October 1764
The European Miracle / The Beast in the East / False Hope / 23 May 1764: The Triumph of Modernity / Could It be different? / The Buxar Effect
7The Tiger Caged: The Siege of Seringapatam, 4 May 1799
Modernizing the Economy / Europeanising the Armed Forces / Festung Seringapatam / Possible Scenario: Tiger Defeats the Lion / Conclusion
8Open Fire: The Battle of Assaye, 23 September 1803
Military Modernisation of the Marathas / Opening Gambit / End of the Day for the Marathas: 23 September 1806 / Different Strokes: Daulat Rao Sindia as Victor / Conclusion
9Dal Khalsa's Last Chance: Ferozeshah, 21-22 December 1845
The Khalsa Triumphant / 21 December 1845: Black Day for the Red Coats / Fickle Fortuna / Gotterdammerung of the Dal Khalsa
10Under Siege: Lucknow, 1857-58
The Sepoys Strike Back / The Crawling Camel / Return of the Raj / History Turned Upside Down / Conclusion
11Mousetrap: Imphal and Kohima, March-July 1944
The Phantom Army / Jungle Story / Two Years too Late / Hollow Victory
12Mission Impossible? Against the Jehadis at Kargil, May-July 1999
Battlezone Kargil / The Jehadis / The Fog of War / Blood in the Snow / More Kargils?
Conclusion: Towards Armageddon or the End of Battle?
Bibliographical Essay

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