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Indian Archaeology- A Review (Set of 3 Volumes)

Indian Archaeology- A Review (Set of 3 Volumes)
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Item Code: NAW439
Author: M.C. Joshi
Language: English
Edition: 2002
Pages: 910 (Throughout b/w and colored Illustrations)
Other Details: 11.00 X 8.50 inch
weight of the book: 2.8 kg
Volume I: 1988-89 Volume II: 1995-96 Volume III: 1996-97
Preface (Volume I)

In our effort to bring the publication of the Indian Archaeology—A Review up to date, we have been able to publish Indian Archaeology 1988-89—A Review not very long after the publication of the issue for the year 1987-88. If the contributors send us the matter well in time, it may be possible for us to publish the Review regularly. This would depend on the co-operation of my colleagues in the Survey and the State Departments of Archaeology and Museums, the Universities and other institutions.

The present issue of the Review contains, as usual, information about the multifarious activities in the field of archaeology all over the country besides the efforts that the Archaeological Survey of India has been making outside its geographical boundaries. Of the excavations reported in this issue, I would like to mention the work by the Survey at Chechar and ancient site of Vaishali in Bihar, St. Augustine Church at Old Goa, Thanesar in Haryana, Hampi in Karnataka, Balwara, Daulatabad and Adam in Maharashtra, Lalitagiri in Orissa, Sanghol in Punjab and Fatehpur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh; at Sannati in Karnataka jointly by the Survey and the Society for South Asian Studies, U.K., and at Sravasti jointly by the Survey and the Kansai University, Osaka, Japan, besides the work at Kuntasi, jointly by the Deccan College, Pune and the Gujarat State Department of Archaeology, Elchuru by the Andhra State Department of Archacology, at Nagwada by the M.S. University, Baroda, at Ter by the Department of Archaeology and Museums of the Maharashtra Government, at Nagiari by the Punjab State Archaeology, at Purola by the Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal), at Mangalkot by the Department of Archaeology, Calcutta University and at Shikarpur by the Deparment of Archaeology, Government of Gujarat. Details of conservation and other works carried out by the Survey and the different State Departments within the country have also been included, the reference to some of which would not have been out of place, but the paucity of space refrains me from doing so. I would however like to mention here that the Survey continued to carry out the major work of structural conservation and chemical preservation of the Library, southern portion of esplanade, parts of the third and fourth enclosures and the moat of the Angkor Vat in Cambodia.

The credit for bringing out the present issue of the Review mainly goes to my colleagues in the Publication Section of the Survey especially Shri B.M. Pande, Director (Publications), and his associates, Shri C, Dorje, Superintending Archaeologist, Dr. (Km.) Arundhati Banerji, Dy. Super- intending Archaeologist, Shri J.C. Gupta, Production Officer, Shri K.P. Padhy and Shri A. Jha, Assistant Archaeologists for which I am highly grateful to them.

Preface (Volume II)

This number, like previous issues contains information on various aspects of archaeology including (a) excavations, (b) explorations, (c) epigraphy, (d) numismatics, (e) palaeobotany, (f) structural/chemical conservation as well as on archaeological gardens and publications. I extend my thanks to all the contributors, and at the same time, request all heads of archaeological organizations in States, Universities, Museums and Research Institutes including our own colleagues in the Survey to adhere to the time schedule set so that future issues can be brought out timely. In editing this vast material some errors must have crept in for which I tender my apologies. However, for all information in respect of individual articles, the responsibility rests with the contributors.

In our endeavour to update the issues of IAR, I record my deep appreciation to Mr. C. Dorje (at present Superintending Archaeologist, Chandigarh Circle) and Dr (Miss) Arundhati Banerji (Dy. Superintending Archaeologist, Publication), without whose persistent and unstinted efforts it would not have been possible to bring out this issue. My thanks are also due to Mr. Umesh Kumar (Director, Publication) and Dr B.R. Mani (Superintending Archaeologist, Publication) for their co-operation. I would also like to thank Mr. Hoshiar Singh (Production Officer, Publication) for preparing dummy of plates and also to Mrs. Anju Dhawan (Assistant Archaeologist, Publication) and the other members of Publication Section. A special thank to Mr. R.C. Sardana of the Drawing Section for improving the line drawings published in this issue.

I would be failing in my duty if I do not thank Messers S. Narayan & Sons for bringing out this issue so promptly.

Preface (Volume III)

I am happy to place before you this issue of the IAR in a new format which I hope you will appreciate. Updating the issues of the IAR is an uphill task, however we are trying to bring out at least 4 issues during this year if possible.

I need not perhaps emphasize that in this task the co-operation from not only my colleagues in the Survey but from all the State Governments, Universities and Research Institutions, is essential. I therefore, request you to adhere to the time schedule for submission of articles.

As in previous issues, the material incorporated herein is the outcome of the results of the various Archaeological activities conducted by the different offices of the Survey, State Governments, Universities, Research Institutions and Museums. To each one of them I express my thanks. In handling this vast material some inaccuracies may have crept in for which I must apologize. However, for any inaccuracy in the data or in its interpretation, the responsibility lies with the contributors.

I record my deep appreciation for the efforts made by all the members of the Publications Section of the Survey in helping to bring out the IAR in time, particularly to Dr (Miss) A. Banerji for reducing the backlog in the publication of the JAR, and virtually making the impossible, possible. Dr B. R. Mani (Superintending Archaeologist, Publication) owes my special thanks for his invaluable suggestions at various stages.

For sorting out the material, editing and making the matter press ready lam beholden to the following officers of the Publication Section: Dr P. K. Trivedi, (Superintending Archaeologist, Publication) now posted in the Excavation Branch IV, Bhubaneswar; Dr B. R. Mani (Superintending Archaeologist, Publication); Dr (Miss) Arundhati Banerji (Dy. Superintending Archaeologist, Publication) as also to Shri Hoshiar Singh (Production Officer, Publication); Mrs. Anju Dhawan and Dr Piyush Bhatt (Assistant Archaeologists, Publication) and all the other members of the Publication Section for their help in diverse ways. For improvement in the line drawings incorporated therein, I would like to thanks Shri Vay Kumar (Chief Artist), Shri Puran Chand Mukhiya (Marksman) and Shri Daddan Prasad (Marksman) of the Drawing Section.

The design, layout and typesetting have been done by Mr. Abhishek Biswas and Mr. Bharat Bhushan Upadhyay for which their entire team deserve to be congratulated. And finally, last but not least to Mr. Anil Kochar of the Public Printing (Delhi) Service, I express my thanks for bringing out this issue within a very short period.

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