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Indra and Varuna in Indian Mythology

Indra and Varuna in Indian Mythology
Item Code: IDG822
Author: Usha Choudhuri
Publisher: Nag Publisher
Language: English
Edition: 1981
Pages: 270
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.6" X 5.7"
From the Jacket

Indra and Varuna are the two most important archetypal symbols of Indian mythology. This book reviews the development of the myths related to there figures in the entire Vedic literature, the Mahabharata and the principal Puranas. It studies the meterological, physiological, psychological, political, social, religious and philosophical interpretations of these two mythological and literary images. This book concludes that mythically the two most important and exalted Vedic Gods-Indra and Varuna of Vedas fall of from their position at the emergence of the Hindu trinity in the Mahabharata and the Puranas but philosophically they remain as important as before representing the two complementary aspects of the cosmic reality at various levels of existence. One represents the truth of being, the other the truth of becoming; one represents the spirit, the other the matter; one symbolizes the vast creative principle and the other the enveloping formless void; one denotes metaphorically the day, and the other the night.

About the Author

D. Usha Choudhuri (b. 1937)

Gold Medalist in M.A. Sanskrit, PhD, Delhi Vedavacaspati, Gurukul Kangri University.

Lecturer of Sanskrit, Indra-prastha College/ Delhi University for over 22 years.

Guest Professor of Vedic thought and classical literature, University of Bucharest, Romania, 1973-74.

Author of Indra and Varuna in Indian Mythology and various other research papers.

Specialization in Vedic literature, Mythology and Archetypal criticism.

Foreword v
Preface ix
Introduction xi
1 Indra and Varuna in the Samhitas 1-66
Indra in the Rgveda 1
Indra in the Yajurveda 18
Indra in the Samaveda 24
Indra in the Atharvaveda 27
Varuna in the Rgveda 33
Varuna in the Yajurveda 49
Varuna in the Samaveda 52
Varuna in the Atharvaveda 52
2 Indra and Varuna in the Brahmanas 56
Indra in the Brahmanas 70
Varuna in the Brahmanas 82
3 Indra and Varuna in the Aranyakas 97-103
Indra in the Aranyakas 98
Varuna in the Aranyakas 102
4 Indra and Varuna in the Upanisads 104-119
Indra in the Upanisads 104
Varuna in the Upanisads 114
5 Indra and Varuna in the Mahabharata 120-163
Indra in the Mahabharata 123
Varuna in the Mahabharata 153
6 Indra and Varuna in the Puranas 156-204
Indra in the Puranas 169
Varuna in the Puranas 195
7 Vedic Exegesis and Various interpretations of Indra & Varuna 205-240
Index 241

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