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ईशावास्योपनिषद्विवृत्ति: Ishavasya Upanishad Vivrtih


'Ishavasya-upanishat' forming the fortieth chapter of ‘Yajurveda’ has been regarded as first in Upanishatseries. With its eighteen mantras it portrays a concept of cosmos pervaded by one everlasting, ever-effulgent, an absolute entity governing it. A significant exhortation for the mankind is to keep oneself diligent till the end being dispassionate about results; still more significant call is to eschew greed for over- utilization of all resources in order to let others enjoy their rightful share. A better refrain cannot be expected from elsewhere than world's ancient literature on profound philosophical principles.

Academy though had published the foremost 'Ishavasya-upanishat' with six commentaries and its Kannada version subsequently; it delights in bringing out another title namely 'Ishavasyopanishat- vivrtih' at this juncture. Mahamahopadhyayalate Sri. N.S. Ramabhadracharya has written a coherently lucid commentary to this 'Upanishad: Vid. Umakantha Bhatta has edited this book with a scholarly introduction. The academy wishes to pay its tributes to the former as well as extends its gratitude to the latter for their meaningful contributions. It also thanks one and all for their inputs in getting this work printed.


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