Jatakmala or The Pearls Of Indian Wisdom

Jatakmala or The Pearls Of Indian Wisdom

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Item Code: IDI578
Author: Vijay Narain
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8170843201
Pages: 350
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.6"X 5.5

We live in a world where several mysteries lie before us resolved in bare state. Scientific revolution and advance ments in communication technology have brought about a new way of our looking at the world. It is not always pleasant and when we look over the shoulder it is with an awe and pleasure as to how we knew it all anyway but our world was more composite. The past has always been enchanting and it still gladdens the heat and uplifts consciousness to have a look at the firmament we were so familiar and free with so far.

The editor of the present series welcome the reader into the pleasure of a participative stroll into some major works of Sanskrit literature that are a heritage of Indian lore. Books Panchtantra or Gems of Indian Thought, Hitopadesh or The Benevolent Sayings, Vikramaditya-Veital Tales or The Tales of Riddles, Jatakmala or The Pearls of Indian Wisdom, The Life & Times of King Bhoj or Bhoj Prabandh and Fairy Dolls & Vikramaditya's legendary Throne are entertaining, informing and illustrative of universal and eternal values. I am sure the reader would find these an enriching experience. Simple language and clear narration, I am sure, will be welcomed by readers of all ages.

Tale 1:Hungry Tigress and Buddha's Piety59
Tale 2: Giving Away Own Eyes66
Tale 3:Great Results Of Donatingkulfa Saag76
Tale 4:Sacrificing By A Superior Soul81
Tale 5: Donating By Poor86
Tale 6:Self-Immolation For Sacrifice92
Tale 7:Sacrificing By Renunciate Also Praiseworthy100
Tale 8:Buddha And The Great Five109
Tale 9:Donating The White Elephant123
Tale 10:Caring For Elemental Disturbances Through Yajna142
Tale 11:Defeating Demons in The Mind151
Tale 12:No Solitude For Sinners 155
Tale 13:Acid Test For Dharmahood160
Tale 14:The Boat Across High Seas169
Tale 15:Pulling The Rain-Miracle178
Tale 16:Holding Fire By Truth182
Tale 17:A Sermon on Ills Of Consumption185
Tale 18:Family Life Home To Evil 191
Tale 19:Travails Of A Recluse Family196
Tale 20:Society Vs Renunciate204
Tale 21:Winning Over Anger211
Tale 22:Helping The Wicked Rise219
Tale 23:A Discourse On Dharma235
Tale 24:Friend's Betrayal Great Sin250
Tale 25:Hunter And Hunted258
Tale 26:Buddha's Infectious Kindness264
Tale 27:Fruits Of Affection273
Tale 28:Forgiveness Live281
Tale 29:Hell's Furies295
Tale 30:No Boundaries For Love305
Tale 31:Converting The Demon314
Tale 32:Death Take All333
Tale 33:Forgiving The Wicked342
Tale 34:A Rendezvous In Sin Street346
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