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Kabir Bijak (Text and Commentary)

Kabir Bijak (Text and Commentary)
Item Code: IDH618
Author: Abhilash Das
Publisher: Parakh Prakashak Kabir Sansthan
Edition: 1997
Pages: 274
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of the book: 478 gms
From the Back of the Book

This collection of hymns in various meters contains the most authoritative record of Kabir's teaching. His teaching is neither Vedanta nor Sankhya, neither Nyaya nor Mimansa, but is based on original thinking of his own.

Ahmad Shah

Kabir is most revered name in Indian tradition. From Punjab to Bengal and from the Himalayan frontier to the Deccan, he is acknowledged as a great poet and as a great mystic, venerated by Hindus and Muslims alike- a unique distinction.

Ch. Vaudeville

The reader is central in Kabir. Nearly everyone in North India is familiar with formula Kahai Kabira Suno Bhai Sadho- "Kabir Says, listen brother sadhu!" or suno ho Santo. "Listen oh Saints!". It is Kabir's trademark. But for more than a formula, it signifies Kabir's passion to engage to wake people up, to affect them. This power to affect through language is fundamentally what we mean when we speak of rhetoric.

Linda Hess

1 Ramaini 1
2 Shabd 68
3 Gyan Chaunteesa 163
4 Vepramatisi 171
5 Kahra 175
6 Basant 187
7 Chachar 196
8 Beli 200
9 Birhuli 204
10 Hindola 206
11 Sakhi 210

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