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Kalee Sahasranaama: with Original Sanskrit Slokas (Thousand Names of Kali)

Kalee Sahasranaama: with Original Sanskrit Slokas (Thousand Names of Kali)
Item Code: IDE941
Author: Roman transliteration and Commentary By: Premlata Paliwal (Retired Principal R.C.A. Girls Degree College, Mathura)
Publisher: Mr. David Berry, in memory of his dear son Tikam
C/o Shri Shri Ma Anandamayi Ashram, Vrindaban, (U.P.).
Edition: 1996
Pages: 111
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.2" X 5.3"
About the Author:

The rendering of the English Version of Kaalee Sahasranaama has been accomplished by Dr. (Mrs) Premlata, More popular in the religious and spiritual circles as 'Saroj'. A lady of rare talents, Dr. Pallwal has been the professor of English and Principal of R. C. A. Girls P. G. College, Mathura. Born on Oct. 18, 1933, at Etawah U.P., she Post graduated from Allahabad and Agra Universities in English and Sanskrit respectively and was also awarded Doctorate in the Comparative study of Shakespeare and the doctrine of 'Rasa'.

She, being well-versed in scriptures, has a great linking for devotional music, she is also merited with an aspiration and passion articles on various aspects of Indian Culture, religion, Philosophy, art and education, numerous radio talks ad discourses reflect her dynamic personality.

As secretary of 'Manas-Samiti', Mathura, she has been busy in disseminating the massage of Ramayan through organising various functions and correspondence with the devotees in India and abroad. She has been engaged in salvaging the culture and heritage of the Brij region in the capacity of the Honorary Secretary & later Vice-President of the Vrindaban Research Institute, a grand repository of manuscripts in different languages. Now as a retired person, she still keeps herself associated with these institutions as perennial source of inspiration.

The author of "An Oriental Approach to Shakespearean Tragedy" Dr. Pallwal has switched over from the base academics to the spiritual and religious field with the aim of cultural resurgence.

Translation is her hobby. Her well known works include English to Hindi translation of 'An easy Journey to other Planets' by Shri A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prebhupada, "Scientific basis of Krishna Consciousness" by Swami Swarup Damodar of I.S.K.C.O.N., she published the detailed English commentary on Hanuman Chalisa. The present English translation of Kali Sahasranama and Dash Maha Vidya Mimansa of Dr. Vishnu Datta Rakesh, Jwalapur University into English.

As a devotee of Shree Shree Ma Anandmayee, Saroj has the advantage of coming in close contact with the saints of different orders and to listen to their discourses. She is widely travelled and possesses a rare distinction of having been invited to the United States.

In the end, I give vent to my heartiest gratitude to all my beloved friends, essentially, Sharadha (Mrs. Kimmel of U.S.A.) who came forward as the perennial source of inspiration in the fruition of this divine and selfless work. Let their lives be permeated with divine consciousness so as to realize Her magnificent presence each day and night.

Dr. Premlata (Saroj) Pallwal
R.C.A. Girls Degree College,
Mathura. U.P.-INDIA

Who is Mahaakaalee?:

The Supreme Father Lord, as the One without a second in the Vedas and all other holy scriptures of the world, either known or unknown, is the Transcendental Being, the supramental consciousness epitomized as the Essence of the True, the Good and the Beautiful. His effulgent energy (Mahaashakti) is lovingly known as the Divine Mother Mahaa Kaalee who, with all her celestial attributes of Sat. Chit. Anand (Knowledge, consciousness and bliss) couples with feminine virtues like gentleness, beauty, softness, love and affections, flows as the creative force of the whole universe since the entire cosmoc is the Primordial Nature expresses as the whole wedded to the three 'gunas' of Sat, Rajas and Tamas; all is the Divine Mother's creation in which She expresses Her multifarious contradictions to be conceived by human wisdom as the various manifestations of Her own variety of moods. That is why Her Thousand Names reflect all the diversities of Her cosmic character. If She is dark, She also embodies light; if She is the wisdom of the universe, She is also the region of cosmic ignorance; if She creates and preserves the world, She also loves to destroy the world at Her own sweet will; if She is love, She is also intolerant of the world's imperfections as well and can be so cruel as to bring about the world's total annihilation; if She is perfect joy and delight. She is sorrow and suffering too and thus She is and manifests Herself on and on.

However, there is a divine dance of unity in her diversity and if all that the Mighty Mother does for us. This makes us feel the healing effect of Her names when we chant or recite them with deep devotion and love.

In this way, the Sublime Mother, Mahaakaalee, symbolizes all that is past, present and future-all that is dead, living or in spirit-on either the personal or the impersonal plane. Her very Self pulsates beyond Time and Space in order to drag us closer to the cosmic theme of divinity.

May our constant chanting and recitation of her wonderful Thousand Names hum the Divine Mother's total quality and flood our hearts with super vibrations for feeling Her all-beneficent grace dancing through each name, as we bow to her blue lotus feet.

The dominant desire of Maha Kali's adores was ultimately heard and she in fine made me an 'Instrument to pen down the adverbatim translation of 'One Thousand Names' of Maha Kali and to get it printed in 'One Thousand' copies with the help of Mr. Kimmel of U.S.A., an American child of Shri Ma Anandmayee, the Eternal Source of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE, to whom the first edition was dedicated on Feb. 1.1979.

I am extremely thankful of M/s Mahavatar Baba, Wendy Berry Foundation, for taking Initiative in bringing out the second edition of this book. May the divine mother KALI shower her eternal blessings on them forever and ever.


The 'Parampita' i.e. the Supreme Father is the 'One without a Second' known in the Vedas as the transcendental being, the Supramental Consciousness, epitomised as the Essence of the True, the Good and the Beautiful. His Effulgent Energy i.e. Mahashakti is lovingly known as the Mother Maha Kali, who with all her Celestial qualities of Sat. Chit. Anand (Existence, Consciousness & Bliss) coupled with Kirti, Shri, Vak, Smriti, Medha, Dhriti, Kshama as narrated in Gita in the 10th chapter, flows as the Creative, Preservative and the Destructive Force of the entire universe.

Truly speaking, everything is the Divine Mother's creation 'Sat' or 'Asat' (good or bad) through which she expresses her Multifarious Contradictions which are, as a matter of fact, various manifestations of her own variety of moods. Owing to this very fact, her thousand names reflect all the Universal Unity as declared by Shri Krishna in Smd. Bhagwat Gita.

For example, if Maha Kali is dark, she also manifests light, if she creates and preserves the world, she also loves to crush it at her own sweet will. If she is bliss and benediction, she is sorrow and suffering as well and thus her diverse moods are eternally chanted on and on....

However, there percales a divine dance of UNITY in her Diversity and in all that the mighty Mother does for us.

Such is the Mother Maha Kali who symbolises all that is past, present and the future, all that is known or unknown, dead, living or to be born on either personal or impersonal plane, her own self pulsates within or without beyond time and space in order to draw us closer to the Cosmic theme of divinity and to create 'A Paradise on Earth', through her worship and the constant Chanting of her 'One Thousand Names'.

The present Commentary has been an offshoot of my last visit to the U.S.A., in 1976, where inspired by my foreign friends of America, the admirers and adores of Shri Shri Ma Manadmayee and Mahavatar Baba to comment on the Sanskrit slokas of Kali Sahasranama for making them grasp the mysteries of her names by a Yog Trust and a few Universities of India to deliver lectures on religion, cultural and spiritual values. Last year, she visited U.K. & France for delivering talks on the spiritual and Metaphysical matters mostly related to Ma Anandmayee. Her talks at the Indian Cultural Society, London, on Shri Krishna's adoration of Mahashakti have been applauded widely.

I am sure this second edition of Kaalee Sahasranama will prove to be highly revealing to the readers about mysterious and hidden meanings of the sanskrit terms.

Maha Shrivrattri,
27th Feb., 1995,
3, Principals Colony,

R. C. Sharma, M. A., Ph.D.,
Retd. Director General,
At present;
Director & Professor,
Bharat Kala Bhawan,

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